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  1. So using the chronograph causes stress on the movement and this makes sense. But im guessing as this movement becomes more popular the cost of the parts will decrease (unless you go gen) and that the watchmakers experience will increase. Is sourcing gen parts an issue if this is a 1:1 clone, with the exception of some parts as mentioned above?
  2. Thought thats what you meant! I'll see what state the watch arrives in, and if there are issues will reach out to someone for repair. So I assume because its a 'new' movement there are not many parts for it and people don't have experience in servicing them.
  3. Thanks Guys, I spoke to one watch maker and he said to only service if there is something wrong with it, so now im confused.
  4. Do you think its worth servicing the movement as soon as one gets it from a TD?
  5. Sorry to drag up this old topic, but is this the site; and is it trusted? http://www.toro.fun/
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