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  1. If you have a day wheel that seems to get stuck midway between the days or has stopped working altogether, chance are you will need the washer that sits just overtop of the day disc to create some extra tention to hold down the day disc. It inserts over the top of the disc and sits just under the watch dial. PART INFO: ETA 7750 VALJOUX Part No. 2753, Indicator Distance Piece Pretty much any of the IWC Chronographs with the day date complication this will me a must.
  2. I’ve got the 57. Very good appearance wise. I don’t think I’ll buy another of these Omega reps with the decorated movements though. It’s pretty cheesy how they design it. It’s like a Fiero someone added a body kit to to make it look like a Ferrari. When you open the hood you see what’s really going on. So, at least with the Sub reps with the clone movements, they’ve actually gone and built a movement and not put faux plates on it.
  3. I recently purchased what the dealer described as a JH/OM Factory Omega SpeedMaster Chronograph with an Asia 7750 Valjoux Automatic Movement 28800bph with Decorated Rotor & Bridges/Plates like genuine Omega Calibre 9300. Great looking watch. But, after several weeks of wear, I found last night that the watch had stopped while I was wearing it. I took it off and immediately heard a noise from the rotor I had not heard before. Looking through the display caseback I could see the rotor looked like it was getting stuck on the decorated plate that sits overtop the movement. I could also see the balance wheel was stuck with what looked to be a small screw under it. Thankfully I have a little bit of watch repair knowledge. So, I removed the case back. Sure enough the decorated plate just under the rotor was completely loose. The rotor itself was the only thing holding it on. I removed the rotor and then the plate and found both of the dislodged plate screws underneath. One of which was stuck under the balance wheel. Luckily I was able to shake it loose. I put the plate back on and secured the screws and then reinstalled the rotor. I’m happy to report everything works as good as new. But clearly I’d gotten a Friday afternoon constructed watch. See pics below for the screws you’ll want to make sure are secure so this doesn’t happen to you.
  4. That is the last resort I suppose, getting another case back at my expense. I’m at a point now that this is really a cautionary tale for YLF buyers. If the obvious is wrong, what else could be wrong that you can’t see... such as the date wheel issue which I think was purposely hidden and not mentioned anywhere else that I could find.
  5. First, Hi all. I’m a noob to the forum but not to reps. Nice it be here. I started using a vendor off the recommended list, who shall remain nameless at this point, and two out of the three watches were great and as expected. One however, a YLF or YL factory Big Pilot Le Petit Prince, had two flaws that I didn’t notice immediately in the QC pics. The first was the date wheel. The numeral 1 instead of “I” is on the date wheel. The ZF, as I’ve discovered is more accurate. No QC pic showed a 1 in the date and I didn’t know to ask for it ahead of time. I’m willing to let that go. The second issue was with the case back. The word “PRINCE” has the “I” missing from it. SEE PIC. This isn’t something I’m as willing to overlook. Now, I went back and sure enough it’s visible in the QC pic. I just didn’t see it right away. And, in fairness, YLF sent it through and the vendor missed it as well. In any case, I’m attempting to resolve the caseback issue now by having the vendor appeal to YLF to send me a corrected caseback. The vendor and I have gone back and forth a bit on me returning the watch for repair or a refund. Neither of which appeal to me as it requires me to spend more money to ship and sacrificing my original shipping costs. Plus, I’ve had it for three weeks and worn it before noticing the misprint and the back is a bit scratched at this point. The vendor said I’d have to send back in new unworn condition for the refund. My hope is YLF will do the right thing and send out a good case back. I’m hoping to give a possitive update by Friday and assurance that YLF will stand being it’s mistakes by correcting them. I’ll provide updates as they come.
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