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  1. Apologies for the delay! Pictures of the watch attached. Overall I'm very pleased with it. My brother has a genuine Tag Calibre and I've compared it to his - side by side they both look great but there are some tells. The numbers on the bezel are slightly skinnier than the gen & the pip protrudes slightly instead of being flush to the bezel like the gen. Also, the second hand is orange on my watch, whereas it was advertised on the TT website as yellow. I did pick this up at QC, but decided not to raise it as an issue as I just wanted the piece! Any further questions, let me know. Best
  2. Hi all, I've just ordered my first rep, an aquaracer calibre 5 in blue from Trusty Time. If anyone is interested i'll post some pics and a short review once it arrives. Cheers
  3. razdog94

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    Is your omega a rep, cromag? Looks brilliant, could I ask where you purchased it from. Thanks
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