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  1. Hi, I’m looking for a little advice. I have a Tag Heuer Aquaracer WAF1110 which has the eta F06.111 movement. i want to change this for an automatic movement. I think from research WAF111x series are all quartz and WAF211x series are all automatic, is that correct? Are the WAF111x and WAF211x cases the same, will the automatic fit in place of the quartz movement? Straightforward transplant? If not are there any suggested automatic movements for the WAF111x series case? Any suggested threads appreciated. Thanks all
  2. Great tutorial 👏 Where have all the photos gone! 😢
  3. @automatico thanks for taking the time to walk through those questions. I needed some straightening out on a few things! @alligoat thanks, I want to keep it simple alright, too many mistakes could spoil an enjoyable new hobby! I picked up a #600 crown ✅ I just bought 2x spacers from raffles ✅ I bought a crystal from Clark, are their crystals good? Nostalgia-2000 on the bay - is that correct? Then with your build, do I still need the h4 3 piece kit? Thx Dom
  4. Hi, Im new here and hoping to ask a few questions to clarify a few confusing areas and identify some solutions. A 1601 had a 1570 cal and the dial feet positioned at 30/57 (y/n?) A 16014 had a 3035 cal and feet position at 12/37 (y/n?) Are the cases and cal above the same dimensions? In a 1601 case... A 2824-2 is a smaller dimension and height to the 1570 and therefore needs two spacer rings, 1 between the movement and the casing and one between the movement and the dial? A 2824-2 also needs a h4 hour wheel to allow for the correct height needed. A 30/57 dial from a 1601 should the screw directly into the base plate of the 2824-2? A 12/37 will not. It requires its feet to be repositioned? Are there adapters on the market to save the feet being removed fully? if one was determined to use a 12/37 dial in a 1601 would an alternative ETA be required? Lastly, where do I source the parts these days, a lot of the posts I have read are quite old now. The Bay would be easier. Thanks all Dom
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