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  1. I can replace the movement myself, so no paying for the replacement. I want to wear this watch, looks good and solid built otherwise. So probably I'll order a movement. But still wondering what can cause the rotor not to move freely. The design is good, not like the cheapest $15 watches, by which is normal not to autowind.
  2. I received this week a new Chinese watch Benyar with this dg2813 movement. I have also another similar watches with this movement and know how it works. By this Benyar - the rotor weight isn't enough to move the gears, to auto-wind it. Other directions spins very easy. Have anyone tried to fix this? I know that movement is not "servicable", difficult to reassemble. What can be the cause of this? I'm not a watchmaker, but I suspect the spring into the barrel is not moving easy, not lubricated, or just bad material. Have anyone tried to lubricate the spring? The other winding wheels are moving easy, so that's why I suppose this spring. This Benyar has also other issues - stops randomly, very rare, I fully wind it manually, it is his 1st week of service, so I am watching it closely and try to document the random stop. I documented on video the autowinding not working - 2 minute shake then after 5-6 minutes it stops. Here if you are interested: https://youtu.be/TkMxucuOqCI Here watch pics: I like the watch, big dial, good hands, heavy massive case, so I want to use it. Suggestions appreciated!
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