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  1. Watch: Waltham wrist watch from about 1950's. Used to work fine. Opened it up to clean the crystal from the inside and the dial. Now the problems are: 1: Runs face up, but not face down (the hands are off, so its not the hands sticking. 2: One jewel fell out - can't figure out where its from! 3: Examined the balance wheel motion under a microscope (when its running facing up. A slight wobble is noticed. Video is posted at: Link to video of waltham wrist watch balance wheel wobble (watch face side) Zoomed in video at: Zoomed in view of balance wheel axle wobble 4: Is this wobble normal? Is there a jewel supposed to go in there, holding the pivot in place? 5: For comparison, here's a view of the balance wheel axle from the back side of the watch, where there is a jewel in place: balance wheel axle from back side of the watch And here's a zoomed picture of the the jewel that fell out: it's 1mm diameter, and has a 3 pronged sleeve around it: dropped jewel Questions: 1: is the balance wheel axle wobble normal? 2: Where does the jewel go back in? I am a first time poster to this forum, so please be gentle. Have a liking for old mechanical watches (and old things in general). I do have access to fairly sophisticated workshop facility in my lab, so I can make whatever tools are required to press-fit jewels etc.
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