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  1. Guys, I've totally screwed up this plastic lens like 4 years ago and I want to get it fixed finally. I'd like to replace it with sapphire, but if only plastic is available that's fine. Can someone please help me find what I need?
  2. Ahhh yes....the old "Bait and switch." Did they try to offer you another watch in that price range? Just out of curiosity, how big of a difference was there between the advertised price and what it was supposed to be?
  3. I Picked up this one up a few months ago from Ruby. I should have ordered it with the Presidential bracelet though....its more appropriate. I love the watch....but your right about the lume....its not that great. The price was excellent....about $208+ with ETA. Also, Ruby can custom make it any way you want. I prefer the smoothe bezel over the fluted....and im not crazy about diamond markers or diamond bezel....I think its too tacky....but some chicks like that kind of stuff.
  4. Will you elaborate on that? Why does digital escrow make the villans password worthless....especially since Bond entered his account number first then the password?
  5. Yep! Its him alright! I just got it confirmed by Wikipedia! Read "About Jake" paragraph 2. Jake S
  6. When I first moved to Hawaii back in 1993, I got a job on Oahu at House of Music in Ala Moana Center. The store sold CD's and tapes, but also had a music department that sold guitars, ukes, and other instruments. There was a kid who worked in the store named Jake....he was probably 17-18 years old at the time, and yes he could shread a ukulele....im pretty sure its the same guy in the video. I remember him doing a few covers that were pretty amazing....including Mozart.
  7. The money WAS sent? No. The money WILL BE sent to an account specified by the winner. If I remember correctly, when Bond makes the money transfer, he first enters the account number THEN the password....which is a little unrealistic because we all know that a routing number is also necessary for that kind of thing....but for movie purposes we will assume an account number is all that is necessary. The account is set by the winner. That was the instructions given at the beginning of the game. The winner may choose any account to have the money transfered into. Also, If I remember correctly, Bond entered the account number into the computer before the password....implying that any old account number would have worked as long as the password was correct. And why could it not be changed anyway? What if the winner decided to switch accounts at the last minute? Would that not be possible?
  8. I watched Casino Royale for the first time on Christmas Eve. When the movie was over, I realized that the story line is a little flawed....or atleast it appears to be. For those of you who have seen the movie, please read this post and let me know if you agree with my point of view. If you have not seen the movie, I suggest you see it because not only is it an excellent movie, but this thread could spoil it for you. In the movie Casino Royale, Bond participates in a high stake Texas Hold'em poker game with a $10,000,000 buy in. Before the game begins, a man with a portable computer enters the room and asks each player to enter a password into the computer. At the end of the game, the winner will enter his password into the computer and the funds will automatically be transfered into a bank account of the winners choice. Bond wins the poker game. Shortly there after, Bond is kidnapped by the villan who lost the poker game. (He wants his money back!) The villan takes Bond into a remote underground area and tortures him in an attempt to make Bond give him the password. Bond doesnt give him the password and is rescued by a friend. Okay....so thats what happens. Now here is my question.... Why does the villan need Bonds password when he has his own password? Lets assume that Bond didnt have any balls (If you saw the movie you should be laughing right now) and gave up his password. The villan would then have to locate the man with the portable computer and force him to allow the villan to enter his bank account number and Bond's password. Is there any reason why he could not simpley enter HIS password instead of Bond's? I guess you will have to assume that at the end of the poker game, the man with the portable computer enabled the computer to only accept Bond's password for the money transfer....but then he could just as well over ride that, and enable it to accept the villans password after he has been kidnapped by the villan. Makes sense....or no?
  9. Im actually having a little difficulty wrapping my mind around this one. Usually, I can dig to the bottom of problems like this and uncover where the issue stems from. So I am trying to imagine what it is like to be you, or more specifically, how you might feel if you were to remove your dog tags, wallet, and other forms of identification and drive your car in an unfamiliar city that is far from your home. I tend to think that the simplest solution is correct. So I am calling it Thanatophobia....an aspect of Thanatophobia, or an association with the fears of death, dying....fears of situations involving death. You see, the whole thing revolves around death.... Lets look at this from another angle.... Your fear is irrational. What would it take for your body to become unidentifiable after death? You would have to die with no ID on you and in a place where nobody knew you were. Then, other forms of ID like finger prints and dental records would have to produce nothing. Also, all attempts to reveal your identity would have to fail. Have you ever watched Forensic Files? They dig up bones from 20 years ago and figure out who the person was. Lets suppose that you crashed your car into a gas tanker and the explosion charred your body beyone recognition. First, you would have to crash your car into something that could actually produce that kind of result. Second, your body would have to be unable to produce fingerprints or dental impressions. Third, the fire would have to completely destroy the VIN number(s) or any identifiable clues inside or associated with the vehicle that can be linked to you. If you should happen to be driving a car that doesnt belong to you, then the situation is even more unlikely, unless you are driving other peoples cars all the time. So what are the odds of something like that happening? You, driving a car that doesnt belong to you, gets into an accident that results in complete destruction of the vehicle and your body beyond any means of recognition? Maybe one in a million/billion? Lets imagine another situation that doesnt involve cars. What would that situation be? What would it take to completely destroy a persons body beyond recognition? A house fire. If that were the case, then the house and your entire body would have to be incenerated before the fire department puts out the fire. Not likely for that to happen, especially with fire detectors. You might be imagining a situation where first, you die in your sleep, then the house catches on fire. That is even more unlikely. These are the kinds of things that psychologists will attempt to make you understand, except that instead of them explaning it to you, they make you explain it to them by asking you the right questions, and then you will discover that you knew all along how irrational your fears were. I searched a long list of phobias and besides Thanatophobia I came up empty handed. Rather than calling it or creating a new phobia, I think its easier to just associate it with Thanatophobia.
  10. I'll take a stab at this. I studied Psychotherapy for a little while. Sounds like a mild case of Thenatophobia (Fear of dying). Although you probably dont fear death or the process of dying, you do fear what could happen after you die. I imagine that you are not suffering from this in any way; however, if you are sweating, having anxiety attacks, or panicing/stressing out about it then you have a problem. As you get older, the fear could become more intense, especially if you are alone during your senior years. If you are unsure about your feelings and what you are going through, you should have a chat with a psychologist to determine just how serious the fear is. Dont worry, therapy (without meds) is available for this kind of thing. If your psychologist thinks you needs meds (Which im sure you dont) she will refer you to a psychiatrist.
  11. I think it will be a little difficult to find quality reps in Malaysia. The reps over there are likely from Bangkok....so if you get the chance it might be who of you to jam on over to Thailand. I know of atleast one dealer around these forums that regularly buys in Bangkok....so the good stuff can be found there. Also, there might be some better information on these forums about where to go in BK....especially compared to KL.
  12. That is the basis of this whole conspiracy theory. As of right now, the Amero is a conspiracy theory that is being heavily fueled by a proposition made by NASCO to build a Superhighway (Four football fields wide) from Mexico to Canada. The conspiracy suggests that NAFTA, the Amero, and the Superhighway are all part of a long-term secret government plan to tie the US, Canada, and Mexico together with one currency. Many people believe that this was the actual reason for NAFTA. Here is the NASCO website Obviously, a lot of rumors are spreading around regarding this Superhighway. Some people seem to think that it is already being built. Me personally, I think its a bunch of [censored]. Its just someones elaborate idea. The Superhighway has not been approved by our government. Conspiracy theorists LOVE this kind of crap. It just adds an extra little piece to the puzzle their trying to put together in their scrambled minds.
  13. The best all around knot is the Half Windsor. It doesnt matter if your tall, short, fat, skinny, young or old; when its done right it looks good on everyone. Here is the problem with the Four-In-Hand. It almost always results in a lop-sided knot. This is a good knot for juveniles and young adults....but not professionals or people who are concerned about impressing someone. This guy is a dork....a Double Windsor too loose. Hers something to remember that a lot of people have stored in the back of their mind...."The tighter the knot, the smarter you are; the fatter the knot, the dumber you are." Although I dont necessarily agree with that, you might want to avoid being viewed in this negative way. This knot is just really bad....he had the right idea....but didnt know how to clean it up. Looks like he just threw up on his shirt. This guy failed to realize that he looked like a geek when he checked up from the neck up. See the problem? Too wide....too fat....too stupid. This is basically how a Half Windsor should look (Collar isnt so good though). Nice and sharp. Even on both sides. Just right. This is good to....but im not crazy about the collar. You should be able to make a Half or Full Windsor look like this. I think this looks good also. Here is a GORGOUS Zegna ($5000 - $10,000)....To bad he screwed it up with that lousy knot. Best staying away from double breast also....you look like somebodys little puppet boy. Bond in Brioni. Looks like Half Windsor.
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