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  1. 332 on Zuludiver G10 Nato [img]https://clickpix.org/images/Z2lrjb.jpg[/img]
  2. @Philiusmaximus photos, or it didn’t happen?! 😉 I have 7.25” wrists, and 47mm pams wear perfectly well.
  3. 6152/1 with prototype 2533 dial and Modded molnja movement. On a Gunny Paupe strap.
  4. Thanks. today, I am wearing my 286 Pam Regatta, including my Panerai polo shirt to match! Haha.
  5. A few of my Panerai collection with various straps, that I have been wearing this past week.
  6. Hi all I am a member on RWG.bz, RWI, and Repgeek (all under the same form name). I thought I would join here too. I currently have a fairly big collection of reps. Circa 30 odd pieces. The majority being Pams Looking forward to get to know you all. All the best
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