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  1. Just to update you on the situation, to cut to the chase, I've just received a full refund. Like i said earlier, I cancelled the dispute at my earliest opportunity. Following that the dealer offered to get me a noob. So i went down that avenue. Then things got a bit more confusing. The replies kept coming in via email about ordering the noob, then we seemed to take a step back and it seemed like someone else with half the story was replying. then I was told i need to re-order off the website (but they don't list noob watches) We seemed to be going in circles a bit so I asked if the refund was possible, and I was issued with one within 12 hours. So in the end, it looks like we are all square. The dealer assures me it wasn't too much of an issue as the paypal dispute was closed asap and it didnt go any further. He has also (remarkably) said If there anything in the future, please buy from us and don't be put off with whats happened. Just a note on the forum, some of the replies on here have been very helpful by trying to overlook some errors on a genuine "out of the loop" guy. But some of the other responses have definitely not made me want to become in the loop more. Shame really, Im very active on other forums with varied subject matters. Maybe ill go to back to being more of an irregular lurker. and, thanks ken for your support
  2. I fully agree, I just wish I knew the gravity of opening the case. I honestly wouldnt have done so knowing what i know now. I stupidly thought it would be easier for the seller to refund me if I opened the case. As if it was the correct and proper procedure for receiving a refund on paypal. Whoops.. that was a mistake!
  3. well it looks like this has been quite a learning curve. And I'm not a faceless internet turd, and I will hold my hand up and take on all of the advice. I have since deleted the dispute. I ignorantly didnt know the gravity of my actions. Everyone makes mistakes and I would hope id be judged on my actions after to try and fix the situation rather than the original ignorant steps I took. Ill sit tight having cancelled the dispute and see what the dealer can offer. I am a very particular guy and I would think only a noob would satisfy me. Having said that, the clasp on my 4yr old GMT master II looks better than the one in the photo, honestly. I am not expecting it to be just like a gen, but surely I'm not the only one who wouldnt be quite taken with that clasp.
  4. the dispute hasn't been escalated at all, its just between me and him for now. Its not like I've commented and said my replica watch looks [censored] on the QC photos. theres no mention of anything like that, purposely for that reason
  5. well, lesson learned sorry guys, its not as if I have no worries about security here. we shall see what happens.
  6. Hi mike, what I meant about the admins was I wasn't expecting there to be a sort of support network for this. I didnt know there was any back up. I just wanted peoples thoughts and only just figured i could add a photo. Now, back to the watch.. not to all that convinced even the next watch will be ok if this is the type of standard for a 388 dollar watch! I am now thinking my only option to keep someone of my tastes and standards happy is a noob version. Like i mentioned, I asked but after having emails back and forth within minutes, I've had no reply. Andrew is normally top with this type of thing, but he's gone all quiet
  7. the left hand side looks very untidy and unsightly to me,
  8. I must be very ignorant to why filing a complaint affects us all. Im all ears, seriously, fill me in on how it such a dreadful thing to happen? Ive not mentioned anything about watches on the dispute. just trying to get the seller into action to refund me. I would stick up a pic if I had somewhere to host it. does this forum support uploading to the actual forum? with some of the comments it looks like I'm going to need to apologise for not being glued on here for the period of my 6 year membership. Jeez. Give me a break
  9. I wouldnt imagine any of the admins would want to take that much interest, It would be very kind of them to do so. But like I said in the first sentence of this thread, I didnt come on here to moan. Just to see if its normal practise to be stung 20% on a watch you don't want before its even shipped to you.
  10. Hi guys, for clarity, sorry its my 3rd rep. I have asked if they can supply the noob, but had no reply. Ive been back and forth back and forth very quick up until the point i mentioned the clasp looks pretty poor. The last reply I got was pretty much tough [censored], you need to pay 20%. my immediate response was, hey, can we get a noob and we don't need to worry about refunds etc. ill hold my hand up and say maybe i rushed into contact paypal, but I was a bit sensitive to no replies for hours (and still none) after being back and forth all day, now the website is down What is the QC process supposed to be for unless to judge the quality of the purchase before its sent? IMHO you should pay a deposit, then the final amount on the QC acceptance, but thats never going to happen and i understand why. the guy should just reverse my payment (less $20 or so for time wasted) and have done.
  11. Hes not playing ball. Ive submitted a paypal dispute, hopefully that works. Why can't they just be fair?
  12. Hi guys, I want some advice, I am not here to moan and name a seller just yet, But I've ordered my 2nd rep. I actually ordered the same watch as after 4 years wearing solid my 1st is looking a little tired. Impressed to wear it everyday at work for 4 years though. Anyways, the watch in question is a RLX GMT Master ii. I just paid $420 or so from a trusted trader on here and just had the QC pics through. On the photos the clasp looks wonky and finished badly. I obviously don't want this and the seller is saying i can't have a refund without a 20% surcharge. With paying a lot for the swiss movement and over 400$ I thought things like a wonky claps and bad finishing wouldnt be something I would have to worry about. I am now considering a n00b factory v4 GMT master II. Anybody any experience of this? How can I be expected to pay 20% of over 400$ for a watch i don't want?
  13. thanks for your kind replies and helpfull answers. just what i needed. much appreciated. My Tag is now running with the traditional second hand at the top, not moving. and the 9 oclock subdail telling me the seconds. Kind Regards
  14. Thank you for you incredibly indept reply about not answering the question. it would have just been easier for you not to be flippant. Sorry for my inexperience, but i think the watch is gorgeous, on or off my wrist. Sorry for not knowing bloody everything about and thanks for crashing down on a new member and making me feel much less than welcome here!
  15. Hi guys sorry to sound like a newbie, What is classed as NOT using the chrono? When the three dials are working and the second hand is stopped? OR When the second hand is still spinning? How can i get my aquaracer to stop the 3 small dials working and just use the big second hand?! thanks
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