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  1. It's the titanium one in this post. The movement in mine is a little 'loose' and needs service.
  2. The 057c is a new born case from DSN from around 2008 and has a Gen.Soprod movement.
  3. I've been looking for one of the models with a blue face and orange dive timer indicator for a long time. They're from the era when they made the IWC GST TI. I was able to find one of those and put a swiss 7750 in it, but still haven't found a Cousteau Diver.
  4. Hi all, I have a wonderful old PAM 057C that I need to service in CONUS. I've reached out to several of the fine service folks on the forum but no luck yet. The movement is loose - so I'd like to get that fixed and have it serviced as well. Anyone have a recommendation on someone in CONUS I should reach out to, or anyplace in NYC that would be good to bring it in person? Thank you!
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