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  1. good news guys... Phong said he can do a case for me... I have to however post the movement with dial to him. Anyone recommend which courier to use for international postage? Has anyone sent watch parts to the US before? Any problems with customs? Any advice would be highly appreciated. I'm assuming Phong has recieved stuff from international clients before? He did not specify any "do" and "dont's" ?
  2. No, how do i get hold of Phong? It would be awesome if i could chat with him
  3. thanks mate, i had a look and would definitely be an awesome build, just wondering if it probably would be close to the price of the real deal on leather in the end? wish they made a steel case...
  4. alligoat... i think its your old post that i stumbled across.... unlike you, i picked the wrong movement, this mod aint happening... automatico... thank you for all the effort to give such a detailed explanation of what can/cant work, i printed the page for a base reference... the domed crystal was actually mentioned by my watch guy... but he has also realized that the case has to be opened and he has no experience in that
  5. Thanks so much for all the helpful info guys… so, case would need to be opened up, and glass issues… a domed crystal might work then? I’m going to carefully digest all your input and take it to my horologist, it won’t be easy for sure
  6. hi guys, came across an old topic on this matter going back ten years. Apparently Phong can open a datejust case to fit a day date movement, but I don't think he accepts watch parts from other countries, unless I'm mistaken? I dont even know if he is still active on this forum? I'm therefore hoping someone can explain what work needs to be done for this mod, or any advice or guidance would be appreciated.
  7. Been into watches for many years but a noob when it comes to mods, and I joined hoping to find some help with a project. Hoping to learn a lot over here, thank you for having me!
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