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  1. I have found that (with the train of wheels, at least), gen parts will work in a clone 2824, but don't try to put clone parts in a gen mvmnt...that way leads to madness. A while back, I had a gold gen Bulova branded 2824-2, and after cleaning and rebuilding, could not get it to wind, no matter what I did with or replaced in the keyless works. Teeth were slipping, and it wasn't the mn sprng brl. After letting it stew for a few months, I finally realized I had been using a clone stem, which somehow got swapped. ...even though it looks IDENTICAL to a gen ETA stem. Minisclue tolerances exist for reasons.
  2. This was my father's- '62. Sat in a safe for 30 yrs, just needed a service.
  3. Told ya...but still work in progress. The actual Tudor hands (bottom scrn) in pic above are for the Val 7734, so had to mod "Daytona" 7750 hands and match lume. Hoping the tap 10 stem works on the clone 7750, cuz can't make tap 7 work even with adapter (width) with the 7020 tube and crown. Anyhoo Case, hands, ends, A7750 - Ebay Sweep Sec - Cas Ker (painted) Crown - Athaya Dial - Yuki "Tiger" bracelet from Raff Dl with 585 ends.
  4. My first build many moons ago. She gets little wrist-time now the 9411/0 is completed. Oh, and Soon... My kingdom for all three .18/3.5 mm subdial batons. Isht is frustrating.
  5. Just wanted to thank Adrian for the crown & tube which was the finishing touch on my Tudor Sub. I will be ordering another it seems for my (overly?) ambitious 9420 project. Looks like the same crown from the 9411.
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