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Asian 7750 Chronograph reliability

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I'm about to receive a Chronograph Planet Ocean 45.5mm.
It uses the a7750 movement, which as I read is supposed only to look as the real thing, not to function as the real thing.

People were writing that these movements came dusty and oily and required like $100-200 servicing, to function well for a year or so. I've also read that there were variations like 7750a/b and some others, I don't really remember, some were better, some were not. But what I clearly remember all this information was posted back in 2006-2011 (besides a reply to another thread, some months ago, which mentioned I shouldn't really use the chronograph often).

Still, since it's 2017 now and a lot of time has passed, I'm interested, did anything change? Are these movements more reliable? I payed $50 for servicing and waterproofing (looks 3 times cheaper than it was in 2006), would this mean the watch will function properly for at least a few years? 
And is there a chance I can get the chronograph used multiple times a day (I like timing things, a lot) and not breaking the movement or what else happens there inside ?

Thanks in advance.

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