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Gen, VSF, Clean, GM and AR, 126334 41mm blue datejust detailed comparison


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Hello everyone, this is Steve.
Today we bring you a full comparison of the GEN Blue datejust 126334 with several major manufacturers! Let's get right to it!


Front view

There is unavoidable about the color difference in the blue dial, the GEN is a dark blue, the AR factory deviates the most and looks similar to a faded color!
AR sunburst on the dial is too strong, VS is the closest to GEN, followed by CLEAN, GM is too indistinct!


Bezel view

VS, CLEAN and AR are all very good in the teeth shape, GM is on the long side and the angle of the triangle on the inner edge is obviously too small! Also the triangle of the AR is too smooth.


Markers view


The overall shape of the VS is closer to the GEN, VS is better filled, the downside is the lack of rounding of the sharp edges, the other three are still mainly due to the lack of filling of the inner edges, resulting in significant gaps. Clean's chamfering of the scales is still excellent.


Crown side view

It’s not very good to compare because the angle of the picture will deviate. But after I repeatedly observed the physical comparison, the four factories are actually similar, all still good, or maybe my eyes are not very good! I'll have to see what you guys have to say!


Lume filling view

All three are very good, except for the GM, which is too smooth, and the AR is the grainiest, for the C, which is the closest in color and texture to the GEN!


Engraving font view

The VS and Clean are very flat, the GM and AR font have uneven edges, especially the AR!
As we can see, GEN's type is very glossy, something that all the factories lack! We noticed through the macro lens that GEN's ink printing is much fuller, but if you look at it from the naked eye, other factories do a good job, except AR, which can be noticeably different


Hand view

The shape of the central axis of the hands, VS factory and C factory have done skeletonized solid structure, but C factory's central sleeve position, flatness is very poor, GM and AR's sleeve position is completely closed, and is very different from GEN.
From the side view, the whole arrangement of VS and GM is very close to GEN, AR appears too dense.


Crystal Giant Side View

The overall translucency of all the factories is fine, and the cross-sectional chamfers of the windows are best polished by the AR factory!


1-31 calendar display view

There's nothing much to say about this! You can compare for yourself if you want to.


Rehaut view

The GM factory engraving has some darkening and looks a bit like rust; for the AR factory, the engraving looks a bit too light in person, both VS and Clean are still quite good


Case side view

All the factories are fine in terms of case type, and there are no significant differences!


Sel view

First, we can check the location of arrow pointed, the layered VS on the side of the bezel is the closest to the GEN, which is commendable, followed by the AR, which is less pronounced in the C factory, and the GM, which is almost flat.
Then where the lugs meet the headstock, VS and GEN are the same, GM is not too bad, VS and AR are almost flat.


Strap view

The VS and CLEAN both use AR steel straps, but the GM steel strap does feel a little different than the AR!
The engraving is still a far cry from the GEN.


Case back view

The same old problem as in the C factory, a ring around the bottom of the teeth, spillover from the brushed lines, unevenness!


Lume view

The stripes on the bezel are very strong for VS, weaker for C, and almost non-existent for GM and AR.


Laser view

GEN's irregularly arranged crown pattern is always a problem for factories! And we don’t need to be too concerned!


Comparative chart of various data

Note: All measurements are taken in a calibrated state and may be inaccurate due to slight deviations in caliper position
All the replicas haven't take off the plastic protector. the VS and GM have removed the steel strap protector as you can see, the GM is closest in weight to the GEN !

Well, that's it for today's post, thanks for watching, if there are any mistakes, please correct me, welcome to comment and exchange!

We will bring you more detailed comparisons between the replicas and GEN later, also to let you better choose your favorite style replicas, you can leave a comment on what style you are more interested in!

Description: (Some of the photos have deviated from the real thing because of the light source, the details are still based on the text, the size of the comparison pictures are relatively large, you can download them and enlarge them for comparison.)

There is no perfect replica, only the one you prefer.

Website: https://www.theonewatches.ru
Telegram: Theonewatches_steve
WhatsApp: + 86-17081934955
Email: service@vip.theonewatches.ru

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