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Beginner's Order Guide

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Hello and welcome to Theonewatches, I'm Steve.

Here's a simple ordering guide that can help you to buy your favorite watches in a quick and easy way.


1. Confirm the model and amounts


We haven’t updated all the models since here are too many models. You can send us the photos via email or whatsapp if you unable to find on the website.
We can source all the models for you in rep market.


2. Methods of Payment


There are two kinds of payment, please confirm with us via email or whatsapp.

1.Pay (a sum of money) before QC: We can offer you QC photos and videos after we received your $50 deposit. After you approved, you can pay the rest cost. We will arrange shipping after received it.

2.full-payout: We accept CC(Support the six major issuers), bank transfer, transfer wise, revolut, BTC and paypal. You can get more details via Payment methods.

3.More information of shopping cart guidance can be checked via ordering methods .


3. Quality Control


Our stock models can do quick QC and shipping, but for the others which has to order from the factory usually need around one week. The factories who get checked or raided will need much more time. We will keep you updated in time.
It’s also ok to change to any other models.
Here is our stock link:Office Stock (Although we will update it frequently, please confirm the inventory status with us before placing an order.)
More QC information can be checked via QC PARTS


4.Telegram channel

We will usually offer some promotional products and discount coupons. Please subscribe to our Telegram channel so that you can receive them in time.
Here is our link: https://t.me/theonewatchesnews, please copy the link or you can scan QR code to join our channel.

Please note that we only have one Telegram channel named :Theonewatches Official News Broadcast
Or you can search @Theonewatches_steve in Telegram. (Our only Telegram account)


5. Shipping Questions

  1.Generally, we will use direct mail from China. As the customs in each country are different, we will always keep looking for a good transportation agent and a good shipping method to solve this problem. It will be cheaper and not slow. You can get more in the shipping section.

  2.Some countries as from European Union and South American have very strict customs policies. China is famous for its replicas, which sometimes leads to packages from China being opened and possibly confiscated. We will mail it to you by triangle transportation.

You can get more in the UK triangle shipping section.

We will arrange a new package for you free of charge if your package is detained by the customs in any way.

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