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Breitling ordering, any trusted dealer?


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Hello guys.  


Im writing here in hope for a little help ordering some good Breitling replica with better luck this time! 

So i needed a gift for my dad and after doing a bit of research and seeing the good recommendations here, i decided to order a watch from Andrew, TrustyTime . This was like 2 months before.  After placing the order i always got delayed, getting message from him to choose another model, and after short time getting the same message...it seemed that none of the watches i choose from his site were available:(  So im a bit dissappointed and confused, is this normal? Why post so many models on website if not sure are still available? Its normal issue with all dealers? 

 Is there any trusty dealer that has its watches available for fast shipping?   

Please forgive my bad english and thank u! 


Also Happy New Year everyone:)

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