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  2. There's definitely a reason many of us have chosen this as our home forum. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  3. And I'm very proud and honored by the quality of boys we have here in the trenches keeping the old RWG flame alive.
  4. White House Sent from my wooden drums via Tupperware!
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  6. Some things we strive to maintain.Try that/this on other rep boards they have a no flame section for noobs pray tell why, we do not need it............ telling. It's all you need to know on where to hangout even for veterans. I am very proud and honored to be serving here.
  7. Definitely avoid the link you posted, $99 is simply not possible for any quality 16610 with a decent movement (not to mention that the watermarked photos are from a different site to the site it's on ) Just notices those crown guards, I'm in love
  8. As promised here is my 1940 Panerai Radiomir by Rolex..... Ken
  9. Good project! I have been thinking about a tutone sapphire submariner project for a long time. For anyone wanting a 'low budget' tutone sapphire 16613 type submariner...an ST case and 18k bezel will cost less than a steel 5513/1680 Yuki case. ST case and 18k bezel = $625. Add an insert, dial, hands, case tube, crystal, and crown + choice of movement. A genuine dial could sink the project so you will need to shop around. I could probably live with a 'refinished' dial from JKtimepiece on eBay or something similar. If you went with an swisseta 28xx, a finished timehead could come in around $1000 to $1200. Add a thick padded Croc strap and a big gold buckle and awaaay you go. I made (by lost wax casting) a few 18mm heavy 14k gold buckles a few years ago when gold was a little over $300/troz and they came in around $30 each dead cost. Now they would be maybe $120 or so but still not too bad. Most genuine rolex type solid gold buckles are skinny (gold saving construction) and only 16mm wide. Thick padded straps usually have 18mm or 20mm buckles so that is why I made some buckles. I just now weighed the buckles: One 14k solid 18mm buckle and tongue set = 4.7 grams. One 16mm solid 14k buckle and tongue set = 2.2 grams. No spring bars included. Gold is around $1250 troz so the 4.7 gram 14k buckles would cost approximately $110 USD to make today + labor and casting supplies. Be looking at $175 to $200 each from someone you know. Jewelry store price around $400.
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  12. PAM 569 on Simona Apnea Sent from my SM-N910P using Tapatalk
  13. Sorry for misunderstanding it will be a 2 tone. I don't think I could rock the solid gold sub? Just the crown and bezel is almost 1 grand! This is Dial and have 2 inserts to choose from. The dial has been relumed kind of shitty job but the color is fabulous and these are not cheap so it is what it is. The bracelet has gen spring bars, gen end links, aftermarket bracelet, gen clasp to match the 1996-97 era SS only clasp so should be really nice. The movement will be Yuki with most all gen parts. So stay tuned!
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  15. Ten PM in Ireland today. Not as spectaklear as Alaska, but impressive for these parts
  16. The sa3135 will take genuine parts it just needs minor modification. It will accept the driving and reversing wheels if you grid down the jewel. And once you do this, on the newer version that doesn't have the weak jewel, you have a surprisingly robust movement Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  17. Well that was a blast from the past. I wear this watch more than any other. I have a small hoard of parts waiting to go into it once I finally retire. Anyway on to dimensions. I found this on Bob Maron's site https://rwg.cc/forum/230-watches-clothing-parts-accessories/ Intestingly it is where the picture of the gen above came from, but anyway going on the dimensions he gives, mine is pretty accurate. 38mm but I guess it figures that after all these years and service polishes most will now be a little less. His gen is 0.5mm undersize, my rep is 0.4mm according to my calibrated digital calipers. Height I think will depend on exactly what crystal is fitted, but he states 12.8mm mine is 13.7mm but I know the crystal isn't too hot and is due to be replaced. Overall I think Phong cases are very, very good and I've heard stories, including one posted here of the unscrupulous passing them off as genuine.
  18. You must put in a price we do not allow auction$199.00 is top price without VIP membership and I dare say watch most likely worth more. Better off grabbing a VIP https://rwg.cc/store/
  19. Sorry for resume this old post , but i can't found other 3D about your watch Sogeha.. im curious, then do have improved the watch? But above all i cant figure out if the diameter and thikeness of phong 5508 are gen spec or is bigger ? tks
  20. Thanks!!! Am I allowed to accept offers above $199 if 199 is my starting price?
  21. I would buy the Noob v7 2836. Most bang for the buck, and most likely all you will ever need. When the Frankenstein plans and the replica scene and its possibilities gets to you, you will rethink the possibilities and buy 2 or 3 watches and combining parts will be a reality, but since you ask, most likely you aren't there yet, and your wallet thanks you.
  22. These are counterfeit goods. I can't guarantee no problems. Customs is always a risk for example. They won't just take your money though, and if they did, we would back you. Puretime has been with us a long time and I have bought from them several times. As to which one, I'll have a look and see, unless any of you other gentlemen have a suggestion? Do you want to wear it as is, or do you intend to modify it either now or in future? Okay had a quick look. A2813 is a Chinese copy of a Miyota movement, it's a workhorse, but sometimes the rotor can be noisy $148 what is not to like for a beater 2836 is a Chinese copy of an ETA movement. A wear as is watch, good Noob SA3135 is the movement that is the same shape as the genuine Rolex, but won't take genuine parts. I heard reliability improved recently. It's the modders choice and when the movement dies, a simple swap to the JF/Yuki movement, which is a clone of the Rolex one. like much in life, there is no simple answer. Any thoughts guys?
  23. Deputy so I can order from www.puretime03.com without any problems? they have several of the 114060 no date...which one do you recommend???
  24. New info to me, thanks! Then the same rules apply for the Noob 114060 as for the JF. I hope that the Noob v7 114060 SA3130 isn't engraved 116610 like the v7 a2836 is... No pictures on the site. -- @Sogeha, yeah. Dimensions are both gen spec, however apart from large parts, like dial hands, the SA313X has no parts interchangeble with the genuine 313X or Yuki/SH313X.
  25. Our TDs are here https://rwg.cc/forum/230-watches-clothing-parts-accessories/ Also www.puretime03.com www.pf-818.com The dealer quoted above is a TD on at least one of the other fora, so legitimate, but not a dealer here, so we would not be in a position to help if there is a dispute or problem. If you are a member of other fora, they would help.
  26. is chazingtime a trusted dealer???? Please someone tell me where to buy a solid 114060. Thank you!
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