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  2. A better 6538 project

    It would need to be very thin, as the decal shows all. Well done! Thank you.
  3. Can you guys check these QC Pics?

    Ordered it from Sead
  4. Can you guys check these QC Pics?

    Where did you order this from as SEL's still dont look right. Sent from my SM-G935F using Tapatalk
  5. A better 6538 project

    Thanks guys ! Just a very thin red layer with a red paint marker.
  6. Just ordered a Noob V7 Submariner and turned down the first one due to SEL problems. Now I get new QC pictures and this is how the bracelet fits. What do you guys think? Looks good from the front...
  7. The RWG official watch has arrived!

    Nice! Looking forward!
  8. The RWG official watch has arrived!

    OK guys watch making it's way to UK to tour their and the EU!
  9. Show the PAM combo you choose today

    Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  10. Ruby and MQ use the same factory. MQ sometimes changes the coronets on some dials (e.g. Daytona), but other than that.. The gilt dials are from the same supplier.
  11. Dutch/Belgium GTG October 15th (2017)

    Hi all, I am not in the Netherlands at the moment. Have a nice GTG!
  12. AP Picture thread

  13. Show the PAM combo you choose today

    Awesome bro. Sweet pre-v Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  14. Show the PAM combo you choose today

    PAM 207 on ebay croc Sent from my SM-N920P using Tapatalk
  15. Thankful for allowing me to join your group

    1. Sogeha


      Welcome to our community, I hope you enjoy your time here

  16. A better 6538 project

    Bart that thing is just Fantastic!! Great work!!
  17. Genuine ETA2824-2 or a really good rep?

    Thanks for sharing your knowledge
  18. A better 6538 project

    It's really easy to lower that dome, Bart. Got a vibrating sander like for carpentry? It works great. Hold the crystal in your bare fingertips and gently press against the vibrating sandpaper, keeping it flat so it cuts the sides down the same all around. I did that to a gen T39 Superdome (rare as heck) and it came out perfect. Summon your courage and go for it! Maybe 1mm is all it will take. The thing to watch for is clearance under the inner surface of the dome, so the hands don't touch.
  19. A better 6538 project

    How did you do the red?
  20. Yesterday
  21. A better 6538 project

    Great work mate that dial is awesome!
  22. Hello from Italy

    Ciao e benvenuto Please tell us more about the design and build process.
  23. A better 6538 project

    I have not yet reduced the height of the plexi as you have suggested. I prefer to wait to be able to order another one before risking to ruin this one. I have a second one but it’s reserved for my Phong 5512. Can’t take profile shot at the moment
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