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  2. State of affairs in REP Hobby

    Personally I think that the pricing is definitely part of why this hobby is stagnating but far from the only issue. I cannot for the life of me justify spending $500 anywhere near regularly on a rep (though I do now realise that I'm writing this while wearing a BK 16610 that I paid more than that for a couple of years ago ), for crying out loud if I did that twice I could almost buy a gen speedy reduced. My personal MO in the rep hobby at the moment is to slowly build up some watches or go for okay lower priced reps. My cheap small patek nautilus has given me ample enjoyment and most people have no damn idea what it is, and when a good mate pointed to it and asked if it was real there was no expectation that it would be haha. I also see this sort of crazy hobby to be just that, a hobby, not just a deal between two people after which one has money and the other has a watch. I enjoy researching and building watches bit by bit. I learnt basic watchmaking from this website that allowed me to rebuild many heirloom watches in my family. Buy what you like, build what you like, don't take things too seriously, accept the risks of the game and talk [censored] with the wonderful people on this and some of the other fora and you will enjoy this crazy nonsensical hobby. Come in wanting to get the 1:1 b3st sub for $100 with g3n r0l3x movement and you'll be gone pretty quickly
  3. The RWG official watch has lanched!

    @By-Tor maybe?
  4. Tc Rolex 16610 case set

    Go for any version from TC V3 to V6, the latter being the best, avoid the V7 TC Mid-Case as this has the incorrect cutouts internally for you to amount a 3135 like a gen.
  5. Tc Rolex 16610 case set

    Member @SSTEEL here built a few using TC cases IIRC. Maybe ask him?
  6. The RWG official watch has lanched!

    Dunno, any VIP/Platinum EU members care to host? Send me a PM if interested.
  7. Rolex Wristies thread

    Just finished this one,no more messing with it as I found the lume plots very fragile and easy to damage so I'll just wear it now Sent from my Lenovo P2a42 using Tapatalk
  8. Rolex Wristies thread

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  9. If you want the best version it‘s a long and bumpy road. You need vietnam parts and a valjoux 72 (preferrably 726). But the final outcome is more than satisfying Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  10. The RWG official watch has lanched!

    Wow, that’s certainly a well travelled watch. Looking good DP, and yes, where to next?
  11. Rolex Wristies thread

    Valjoux 72 powered This one needs to be finished next: Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  12. Wristies - thread consolidation?

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  14. Wristies - thread consolidation?

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  15. Not sure on the quality of the JF Daytona. But I do have the ARF version and recently compared with a mate who's got gen. He could not believe how close these watches look side by side. Even the pushers were hard to point out . Frankly speaking if you are a daytona lover please do get one as it's incredible watch. There are plenty of discussions on other forums not sure if I can post a link. All the best and good luck. Some pics for you to compare with the JF. Ohhhh yes the chrono is not fully functional on the arf. Subdial 3 and 9 as re frozen, seconds hand and subdial works perfectly fine. Sent from my SM-G950F using Tapatalk Some more Sent from my SM-G950F using Tapatalk
  16. Wristies - thread consolidation?

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  17. PN 6263 571 endlink pieces

    I didn't wrap up the deal when was told they are upside down. Two makers in GZ for 6263, both run by ST19s, one with working totalizer @ 6 while the other's non. But they both source the same band from this new maker with wrong 571...
  18. Wristies - thread consolidation?

    The DJ is BP the Overseas is JJF the rest are Gen :-)
  19. Hey, long-time watch enthusiast, first time replica buyer here. Why do so many AP replicas have movements that are 8 beats per second when real Royal Oaks only have 6 beats per second? Are lower-frequency movements not cheaper to produce and thinner? I know that the frequency is not the only factor that makes a second hand have a smooth sweep, so does a 28800vph replica have the same sweeping motion as a real Royal Oak? Thanks for the insight.
  20. State of affairs in REP Hobby

    I have bought and traded many reps, built a crazy franken, and lost money on many, STILL CHEAPER and less heartbreaking than saltwater fish That said I am disappointed by the lack of ingenuity/quality in chrono movements, but thrilled to see an improvement in decoration and thinness in others. Quality over-all is up across the board just in the few short years I've been here.
  21. Wristies - thread consolidation?

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  23. 16610 midcase for 16710 build

    If that is a question, one cannot use a 16610 case for a 16710. The CGs can’t be fixed. A Sub uses a 7mm crown and a very different tube. The 16710 uses a 5.3 or 6mm from and tube similar to a DateJust crown.
  24. NY / NJ Get Together - This Weekend

    We wound up having 12 People there this time. Very nice turnout and lots of fun watches!
  25. Wristies - thread consolidation?

    Are those gen gold watches or fakes, cause the brightness of the gold looks really good!! Love the overseas too Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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