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  1. Hmm yes it does indeed. Such a shame as that would really make it. I shake like mad so doing that mad would be almost impossible. Damn tremor Sent from my Pixel using Tapatalk
  2. Does Andrews version still have an issue with the 18/6 on the bezel. Hard to tell from your pics Sent from my Pixel using Tapatalk
  3. GMT Batman examples? Hi All It's been a while since I've been on here. I took an extended break from reps, actually to build up my gen collection. Now I've got the bug for the GMT Batman and fancy getting a rep to see if its something I fancy going all in on. I've had a look on trustys site and he seems to have a couple of versions. I've used him for years so trust his service. The search function isn't being that rewarding at the moment but has anyone purchased one recently, what did you go for? Any pics? Ta in advance
  4. Hi guys I'm modding a seiko skx007 at the moment. Everything has been replaced with custom bits. What considerations should I make when installing the new movement? It's a date movement so do you have to do something special with the date before I set the hands for example? I clearly don't want the date changing at the wrong time. How do I approach this?
  5. Agreed machete. The off white in certain light does not look great in my eyes. Other light you can't notice but it does bother me
  6. Hike - that sounds like someone talking from experience
  7. I think the hands are a giveaway personally. In certain light they just don't look right in my opinion
  8. How can I get me one of these with the missus finding out I'll get shot. This and the AP Diver I really need to buy! These posts are a tease
  9. Mine came on croc rep but it standard quality. I always change the straps
  10. You could do that yeah. I used a video hosting site and I steered it using IMG tags. Either woks IIRC That's meant to say inserted. Damn predictive.
  11. Ha tell me about it. I dreamt of hair springs last night. Not even my imagination would let me believe I'd managed to seat it properly. Charming. I'll try again tonight but if you get a chance of that video I'd be immensely grateful
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