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  1. mr1973

    Life in Alaska

    Now that's what I call countryside. Been a while since I been up there. Will visit BC soon though, let's see how far north I'll go this time...
  2. mr1973

    Time to show my beater, eh?

    (And gen as well) ;-)
  3. Ok chaps, I think I haven't shown you my daily beater. Hope you like it.
  4. mr1973

    vintage 16014 datejust

    Thanks for the info Trevor :-)
  5. mr1973

    vintage 16014 datejust

    Great mate (again)! Date font looks very good imho, love those open 6 and 9. I can do a comparison shot of my gen tomorrow... seems a little bit thinner somehow. But perhaps that's just my old, sore eyes How did you manage to put that gen dial in it? Did you have to move the dial feet? Cheers, Mike
  6. mr1973

    Blancpain Fifty Fathoms

    Yah, that was actually my post over there :-) It was a prototype, not many around of these.
  7. This Steinhart will actually hit the market in early 2007. For a VERY REASONABLE price by the way!
  8. There´s a guy on ebay who sells those venus copy movements (seagull) for about 70 USD shipped... don´t know if that helps
  9. Looks great... but what about the crown? Looks like it´s made of two pieces?!?
  10. mr1973

    Iwc Mark Xv

    Why not go for a gen? This one looks pretty good for my taste. Anyway, went for a gen Quad 10, so no more need for me to get this one
  11. mr1973

    Anyone Know This Uk Based Ebay Seller?

    Actually Homer told me, that new Ti cases were on it´s way. Should arrive mid next week... Homer is/was a very trusted EU-based dealer, i´d have no worries
  12. There´s a movement called SW200, made by Sellita in Switzerland. It's almost exactly the same as the 2824-2, and availability is better. It´s already used by several watch companies, including Meistersinger, Steinhart, Anonimo (!) etc. AND IT IS NOT ETA! So easy to get in the near future. http://www.sellita.ch/catalogue/mvts_auto.html Text i´ve found on the web: The company lime-of-fonnière reveals two gauges. The litigation with Swatch Group was the release of the process. Christian names: SW 200 and SW 300. Sellita Watch launches on the market two gauges. “We have the obligation to succeed. We cannot put back us on another thing. We believe in our project, we much invested”, said Miguel Garcia, the director of the company lime-of-fonnière specialized in the assembly of movements. This launching followed upon the litigation which opposed the company to Swatch Group. This one had announced in summer 2002 that it was going to reduce its deliveries of ETA outlines. Last December, Comco (Commission of competition) had decided some differently. Until the end of 2010, ETA will supply its customers normally. “The business Swatch Group, it is the kick in the fourmillère. There is a research which is done, that creates a dynamics”, notes Miguel Garcia. Conscious of this problem, people of Sellita Watch took their stick of pilgrim to find the suppliers ready to engage in this project. Swiss partners Contrary to the generally accepted ideas, Asia did not prove to be cheaper. In the Jurassic Arc, “Swiss suppliers decided to play the game. They brought out the machines of the galetas”, is delighted Miguel Garcia. The volume produced by Sellita Watch, approximately 1 million parts, is certainly not foreign there. The SW 200, for example, is with “more than 95% Swiss made”. The suppliers of the company lime-of-fonnière wet themselves in the adventure. Employment could benefit from it. Sellita Watch maintained its manpower of 170 people. “Instead of manufacturing the components, we engaged of the suppliers who, them, invest enormously”, Miguel Garcia entrusts. In the five years to come, “a thousand of people could work into external on the project”, estimates the director. Sellita Watch, on its side, “went up a technical infrastructure and of provisioning of components”. Consequent investments were authorized for machines, control, “the infrastructures of logistics also”, specifies Andreas Deubzer, the director of the operations. The company also repurchased the building formerly occupied by Festina with the street Cernil-Antoine with the Lime-of-Bottoms. And customers of Sellita Watch? They “are satisfied of the step and the speed with which that was done. We speak little and work much. Today, we leave wood. The customers were well-informed but there was a very great discretion”, specifies Miguel Garcia. Automatics The SW 200 is a gauge of a diameter of 11 ½ with 26 rubies and a reserve of 38 hours walk. Available as of May, it is intended for the segment of means of range at a basic price of 45 frank. The SW 300 will be on the market at the beginning of 2006. It is about a movement of the same diameter with 25 rubies. It will be used for the top-of-the-range segment. Its price will range between 80 and 90 frank. “They have the same gauge as the ETA products”, specifies Miguel Garcia. Additional information can be found here: http://forums.watchuseek.com/showthread.ph...highlight=sw200
  13. mr1973

    201a With A Super Special Enzo Modified Dial!

    By FAR the best 201 i´ve seen! Is that the dial that was on sale a few weeks ago? If only Davidsen would upgrade his 3rd Edition dial... numbers are way to bold on certain positions now.
  14. mr1973

    Called Out On My Rep.......by My Wife!

    LOOL Great one.... AND a great story... women and watches just don´t get together. Period!
  15. mr1973

    Eta Iwc Big Pilot

    What they gona do with the date window???