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  1. Has anyone who purchased the dial found a decent case to put it in? The dial looks fantastic and shipped very quickly from Rolexfinder but has sit in my parts drawer for ages now. Would be really nice to put it to good use.
  2. Happy Birthday corelli!

  3. Very impressive combo! $900 is a lot of money - but that combo exudes quality and I'd say is worth it! Enjoy!
  4. I agree with Demonslayer - the difference between no A/R and aftermarket A/R is insane - especially if you have the gen dial. Hmm.. its a tough call. Dluddly - i have a a spare gen orange bezel (bezel and insert). PM me if you are interested.
  5. Rymeister - I went a little crazy with UPO a couple years back - its an amazing watch so i dont think i was the only one. Anyways - I had two frankens and now own the gen. One had taka double A/R and while amazing improvement over stock, considering the work you have already done on the watch - i would have to recommend getting the gen crystal. You kinda have to see things in person to compare as photos will not capture the difference. I would say that if you already have a UPO that has upgraded double A/R on it then it is not worth going gen. But if you are currently at stock cryst
  6. This dial turned out perfect and I received it in the mail just a few days after ordering. Just wish I had a case to fit it in. I hope that stage in the project is coming along smoothly.
  7. I have had similar experiences with Elliot in the past. Overly friendly and responsive customer service is not his specialty but some great deals can be had on his daily specials and he is generally very accommodating to return requests as long as item has not been mounted. 30 min on the phone with UPS is not worth any discount at all - and especially frustrating since he could have easily resolved the issue. I have simply decided that the discount is not worth it. Better luck next time Brian.
  8. I believe they are only $240 at the AD. They are in high demand at the moment so usually go for closer to $300 on paneristi. If you are patient, they do pop up cheaper. I lucked out with a 95% condition one for 180 and agree that it is best strap to date and even trumps the Jules Verne (gold or black) which is saying a lot. Pick one up - you will not regret it!
  9. Those were some very useful bits of info. I've sent Fine_dd a message. All the best for the new year and enjoy the gray themes...
  10. That is the best looking Volcano that I've seen to date... very jealous =) Great work by The Zigmeister and Chief. Quick question: Was the cyclops A/R coated along with the full crystal? The cyclops looks pretty clear in the pictures...
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