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  1. Good man , enjoy ! Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  2. Hi i have a day date 300m worn daily but i have lost bottom pusher button , can anyone help me find a repalcement , or just point me in the right direction ... thanks in anticipation
  3. Hi everyone , i am looking for some help , i bought a Breitling for bentley and i think it needs to be serviced , as it's a rep watch can you advise on who based in the uk would do me a good job ? Thanks in anticipation
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    1. minty


      Started with nothing and have most of it left !

  5. Hi am new to the forum , i live in Uk well to be accurate gods country SCOTLAND . i have a few rep watches and have just discoverd your forum which is fab . i need some help in locating a nice leather strap for my rep Brietling Bentley can anyone help point me in the right direction , thanks
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