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  1. Hi Guys - good that you are back online, will surely drop in more often no. Missed yea all.
  2. There is a guy in Kirkintilloch that will do work on reps, google The Watchmaker. Good Luck
  3. Just got from Oris a beautiful 2011 Calendar featuring some of their watches, I apparently won it in their annual quiz.
  4. Good choices there - good luck new admins - well deserved
  5. Has anybody came across repped Tag Heuer cufflinks in their travels like theses cheers
  6. Sorry to hear that Red, sending healing thoughts to your Grandpa.
  7. For anybody who may be interested Oris are doing a calendar which can be downloaded here http://www.ads.oris.ch/download/MyOris/oris_calendar_2011_web.pdf Some nice photos
  8. As the topic suggests http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=170562042914#ht_819wt_1139 cheers SJ
  9. Hi Guys Just had a wee though while out shopping today. I was looking at 2011 calendars and was looking for a calendar of watches. I could not see one in any of the shops i looked and also looked online. Now I now we have some great photographers on here. So why not piece together a 2011 RWG calendar which could be sold for site funds. What do you guys and admins think?
  10. I got mine from Mary at watch international watchinternational - great watch - great service and great price. Just email her and ask if she has any available. SJ
  11. I definately think that calls for drinks all round
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