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  1. Gorgeous! Thank you for keeping us up to date on all your great work. Maybe you could give us a little information about how long you've been modding and building, and how you got started with it/
  2. One last picture ... how the watch arrives from the Dealer, vs a genuine dial ... that cardboard strap went into the trash too.
  3. And now the Jumbo Crazy Hours, vs a Rolex Deep Sea diver's watch .. again, a quick snap ~ sorry for the quality.
  4. I think this is a very fair comparison between a Rolex ceramic GMT and the mid-size Crazy Hour ~ excuse the quality, but I'm not going to set up a photo shoot for a quick shot.
  5. The more normal, smaller model is 35mm in width including the crown and 45mm in length from the tips of the strap lugs.
  6. I'll get a measuring tape in a moment, but let me say that the Jumbo wears on the wrist as big or bigger than a Panerai dive watch or a Rolex DSSD
  7. Here is the original, most well known Crazy Hours on the left, with the newer much bigger Crazy Hours on the right.
  8. I have never seen any proof that this is actually done, or even done properly. Do they send you pics of the procedure?
  9. The QC from the factory is not very good. A gasket could even be completely missing, as far as you know. top quality diver/sport replicas are able to be waterproof but you have to check them.
  10. I dont know if I understand the question. This pieces comes on a bracelet. Are you asking for rubber strap sources?
  11. You are helpful but the OP was asking where on that site are the coats.
  12. Sorry I dont know, but you can always PM him
  13. Hi folks, I know he doesnt like to blow his own horn, but Ken has been live-updating a thread in his sales section, every time he adds new goods to his replica clothing/leather/accessories store. If you are a repeat customer (like me) or someone looking to buy top-grade soft goods, you will appreciate this message thread. http://www.rwgforum.net/topic/171034-new-to-bergies-replica-plaza/#entry1358683 Keep up the good work, KB
  14. You would buy double sided dial tape and stick the dial to the movement .. I believe the correct term is Dial Dots
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