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  1. Can someone tell me the lug width of the 3714? I'm about to get one in a little while and I thought I'd get a nice strap at the same time, rather than waiting until I have the watch in hand.
  2. Gotcha. However, would you perhaps consider expanding a little on that? What are the low points regarding the 38mm vs the later 39mm model?
  3. I'm thinking of getting a Royal Oak and I wonder if the older 38mm version is considered any good? I really don't want a display back, like the more recent models have and I can't stand the sight of the chronographs, so the 38mm seems like the only Royal Oak option. But is it a decent replica? Also, are the leather straps of the usual awful quality, or are they actually decent?
  4. Just a guess, but I've had the same thing happen to me a number of times (not with watches, but various other stuff) - I'm home all day, staying in because I'm expecting a delivery. No-one knocks on the door and no-one calls, but all the same the tracking data changes to "unsuccessful delivery attempt". The reason? The f*cking delivery guy (or girl) can't be bothered actually making the delivery, but just drives past and updates the tracking log to cover his/her ass. Don't know if that's what's happened in your case, but it's certainly a possibility.
  5. Not all bands, but that's ok I hope. Anyway, not an exhaustive list, but some favourites: Jehtro Tull (no intro needed I assume) Billie Holiday (ditto) Tom Waits (ditto) David Bowie (ditto) Claudio Monteverdi (Italian composer, gambist, and singer. 1567-1643) John Dowland (English composer, singer, and lutenist. 1563
  6. No-one'll ever see me wearing a watch that red, but I'm certain it'll be very striking indeed. I'm really looking forward to seeing the finished article once you're done whoring it up though.
  7. I'm totally with TeeJay et al. The guy deliberately chose not to give a f*ck about the safety of your delivery, so why, exactly, does he deserve to keep his job?
  8. Excellent advice and a most timely reminder. Much appreciated TT!
  9. Or these two pieces about Maîtres du Temps:
  10. Horology today, or rather haute horologie, is no longer found in the line-ups offered by the big brands, but springs from small independent companies like Greubel-Forsey, Voutilainen, Speake-Marin, McGonigle and their like. That's primarily (though of course not exclusively) where innovation and real, old-fashioned craftsmanship exists these days. Obviously mechanised and computerised manufacturing processes actually ensure that the end products are of a more consistent quality than is the case if everything/most things are hand made, but what aficionados of real high-end watches presumably care about is the exclusivity of a timepiece made in its entirety by a skilled artisan. I certainly know that I wouldn't dream of handing over $20-50.000 for a watch unless I knew for sure it hadn't just "come out of a machine". Contrast the Hublot piece with this short snippet about Greubel-Forsey...
  11. Spam alert regarding tiff methinks.
  12. Pure, unadulterated sex! Can't wait to see "Abyss Silver" and "Abyss Blue".
  13. A Very Happy Birthday to all and sundry! In particular the staff, who do an excellent job!
  14. Brilliant link and one I'd have never found myself. Thanks ever so much!
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