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    Happy Birthday Donk!

  2. Well, I answered my own question - sort of. Just got done chatting with the seller and they gave me some tips. The one that worked and got it running - start the chrono. I would have never thought to do that as I thought it might further damage the movement. I guess as a last resort it worked great. Not sure if this thread will help anyone or not. Love my new 236!
  3. Hey all, I just received my first A7753 rep and it's a beauty - PAM 236. Everything looks great EXCEPT I can't get it to start running. I've been scouring the boards and movement reviews to see if there is something I should know that is different with this movement. I can't imaging what. The QC pics and video looked great. I gave it a few winds of the crow to get it going and then put it on my wrist - it never started. Giving it some time to release the spring. Could be the cold weather has stuff gummed up? I let it warm considerably but maybe I should wait a little longer.
  4. Hello Panerai lovers! I was just chatting with Arthur about a watch I bought from him a few years ago when ETAs were still relatively common. It's been a learning curve getting back into the forums after a couple of years away and also getting into gens a little. New acronyms, dealers, mods, etc. You guys have been busy!! Looking at my watchbox of neglected reps, I found several that I loved when I got them but they haven't seen the light of day in a while. EL TWB SD, Luckyy's MBW DRSD, 16570, and a few PAMS. The one that I'm curious about is the EL 063 with the 2893-2 GMT movement.
  5. Unbelievable! Liddell has taken shots 10 times as strong as that and barely flinched. Rampage just caught him just right on the chin and pinched that nerve. That makes it 2-0 to Rampage. The ref was right to stop it right then, too. Let's hope they rematch.
  6. Not showing on Comcast for those of us with that service in the US. Ugh.
  7. If you watched the whole episode then you know that Jesse Jackson will make you "APOLOGIZE!" and kiss some bootie.
  8. I just bought a new set of Callaway irons but am always looking for new clubs. Foaming at the mouth waiting for the listing. Thanks for arranging this, Ken! Brad
  9. Incredible collection, Ubi! The new dial on the black-face Daytona really makes a difference, huh? Looks killer.
  10. Agreed! Fantastic ending which was certainly worth staying up late for. Bold play at the end to go for two.
  11. I'm looking forward to the yard sale, too. Should help Rob make some money to compensate him for his work. For anyone out there who hasn't paid for your job..... you don't know what you're missing. It's top notch work. Looks like your loss will be our gain.
  12. Yep, still interested if I'm in town. Work takes me to S FL about once/month. Looks like you guys are trying for a Saturday. Keep us posted. Brad (bradster66)
  13. That's gorgeous! You must be staying close to the marina. Does your company do this trip for you guys each year? Nice perk if so. My wife and I went over Memorial Day and the temps were closer to 100 F but very low humidity. Remember, the whales should be there and it's a great time to catch a blue or black marlin. Hell of a fight. Another fun thing to do at night is to go to Cabo Wabo Cantina, Giggling Marlin, and end up a Squid Roe. Let the tequila flow. As for my temp; I'm sitting at an airport in Miami, around 70 degree F, and flying home to around 20 degrees F. No coat in
  14. I'm in FL about once a month for work and would love to go to one of these GTGs. Ft. Lauderdale/Miami area usually but other parts of the state, too. I'll wait and see where you all decide and hope I can make it.
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