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  1. i need what I hope is repairs that can be made on 2 reps: A Rolex stem was pulled out of the well when I tried to set the time; and on a Breitling, Navitimer the wings and one stick marker became unglued and is floating around in the front of the case. I did not see an aemail address or how to get my watches to you for repair. My email address is ggreen@focusers.com. 

  2. vilan

    Eyeglass suggestion

    As many of you know, I was an original member of TRC, and indeed, I was a co-founder of its predecessor and the originator of the concept of establishing a place for replica collectors. It may sound like bragging, but I came up with the idea that buying fake watches was a hobby that is no different than collectors of pens, autographs and other interesting things--and I coined the name "replica collector with a dealer named Andre whom I met when he used to sell replicas on the old Yahoo auctions. Therefore, I have a sentimental interest in RWG and its members. When I saw this post about eyewear, I realized I have something to contribute to the members here. As a part owner of FOCUSERS.COM, I often give discounts to my friends, and consider them as beta testers. I ask only that they post somewhere on the web an honest comment about FOCUSERS.COM in exchange for the discount I arrange for them. FOCUSERS.COM designs and makes its own frames, and it has highly qualified, licensed opticians who do the lens work. I could add photos here, but I think you would be missing an interesting shopping experience if you did not visit the web site. If you do go to the website, or call the toll-free number, either insert in the text box, or tell the operator the following: "GG RWG = 25% full discount" and I will make sure that you receive a deduction of 25% off your bill for frames and lenses. Our frames and rimless models have been selling on-line since 1999, and we have a positive customer satisfaction rate of almost 100%. Here is a tip: if you enter the joke and slogan contest, you can earn an additional discount. Ironically, we do not compete on price, but rather, on style and quality. But with these discounts, you could not get a better bargain.
  3. vilan

    Any experience with these sites

    I did some research today using two Breguet models offered by Oldewatches and Precisionreplicas: Example #1 and Example #2 Both seem to be pictures of the originals, with none of the usual replica close-ups and varying angle shots. Moreover, I found hundreds of web sites offering these watches with the same pictures. This got me wondering what a buyer would get on delivery? Most of the web sites showing thses watches took credit cards, and some used PayPal-which mmeans the buyer would have some redress if the watches were not sent, or if they were different from what was in the pictures. Obviously, all rep collectors are hoping to find a source that makes 100% accurate copies, and collectors are puzzled at why a factory would get 80% of the hard stuff accurate, and then add 20% of details that cannot be found on the original. Are we missing out on a universe of replica sites that do get it 100% right becasue they do not look like the sites of our "trusted" sellers (who seem to have the same factory sources)? What do you think?
  4. vilan

    Any experience with these sites

    Do you think that this website is put up by same Replicaca Center that was involved in the e scams? Why would anyone pick, intentionally, the name of a shamed company for a website? I agree that the trusted dealers are a safe bet (usually). But they all sell the same watches, from the same factories. I am wondering if we are depriving ourselves of a whole new universe of selections.
  5. Many of the old timers may remember me. I was one of the original founders of the forums with Andre. I have been collecting for more than 20 years, and know my way around. Recently, a dealer told me that there are a watches that differ from even the high quality replicas we see on all of the trusted and well respected sites in that they have no flaws in their outward appearance. I found the idea hard to swallow because that implies the "regular" dealers are selling from factories that intentionally are adding flaws (by which I mean a feature that does not match what is on the authentic watch even though the cost to make it identical would be the same as adding the flaw). In any event, I stumbled on 2 web sites owned by the the same guy: precisionreplicas and oldewatches. The sites have been up for several years according to my research, and there is a real phone number. My questions are: Has anyone here had experience with either of the sites? Are the watches very nice replicas or are they photos of the real watches? tahnks.