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  1. There are excellent reps out there, but unfortunately most brands are only available in smaller sizes, as Ken already has said. Those available in larger sizes are mostly Nike, Jordan and a few Adidas.
  2. The generic drugs market in many ways resemble the Rep watch market. There are top quality makers out there, who will deliver at significantly lower prices than the branded products we often are restricted to buy. An expample that ran in the press for quite a while was HIV medication which was available in countries like India and South Africa at a fraction of the cost charged in Europe. Due to patents, the lower priced generic products cannot officially be sold here, and the owners of the original patents tried for a long time to keep the generics out of the markets in all countries. As you correctly point out, there are a number of pretty dodgy suppliers out there. But also some very good ones. As in the rep market, the trick is to identify which are the quality suppliers. But whereas I have found a handful of helpful sites covering Rep watches, I have not seen a similar one for Pharmaceuticals. Hence my question in this thread.
  3. Does anyone know of a forum where providers of generic drugs can be found with information about their trusworthyness? I am looking for generic, not fakes ...
  4. Am considering the blue dial steel version for my daughter. How diamond-like are the diamonds? And did you have the diamonds re-set? I am concerned about one falling out.
  5. Think this could be interesting to read, even if getting a bit old. Can the pictures be re-instated, please?
  6. Good to hear. That was a difinite weak point from my experience.
  7. In terms of accuracy, the Rubberclad is the best. It has all the appropriate hallmarks and is pretty spot on from the front. Personally I find the Ramon is the best looking.
  8. It may not mention anything in the description about the moonphase, but I have that one, and it works beautifully. The movement is the Seagull ST19 which is excellent and good looking. It is one of my favourite watches.
  9. Looks wonderful, but personally I would buy the Asian clone movement if having it serviced anyway. Seems a bit excessive to pay for Swiss AND service.
  10. Most of my sports watches (and by that I mean watches with steel or rubber bracelet) are waterproof to swim with. They were not always like that as assembly is a questionable science in China ... So I swim with B+R, PP, AP, Hublot, Rolex, Ebel, etc. Also Chronos, although I have yet to use the chrono under water. Some do not let themselves be waterproof due to construction. Cartier Seatimer Pasha, Porche World Timer, VC Overseas (Arabic numerals) are examples.
  11. Definitely looks better without cyclops. Will have to evaluate mine with cyclops to see which would improve with this treatment.
  12. For a while you were right. It is available - again. This is a new version. (BTW: This is a GREAT comparison. Only ................I really, really do not need another Rolex.................really...........)
  13. I would say that you should do it anyway A The Gen will have a much better crystal and anyhow there is nothing wrong getting it even better. After all you want it to feel like a real luxury watch and B Mineral crystal will be just as good with AR as Saphire, but C UnfortunatelyBattler is right about this. But forget the price of the components and think of the total. You still have a cheap watch afterwards. As to who to do it, I have recently had stuff back from Goin who is in Taiwan. His work was excellent and if you are not concerned about shipping to and from there, he is worth considering.
  14. Another proof that men turn grey when they get married....
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