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  1. Happy Birthday tickertp!

  2. Happy Birthday tickertp!

  3. Happy Birthday tickertp!

  4. I know they're small, and hard as hell to get gen parts for, but I'd like to see if any were around. Particularly a vintage rectangular Prince. Anybody seen/sourced/has one?
  5. What's that "PATETED" on the diver's extension??? Super watch!
  6. Phong has these for sale at http://jewelryandwatch.com/index1.html, plus all of the parts to pt one together. A good educational site!
  7. I actually had one of these; bought it on the bay a couple of years back for $650. Liked it a lot,but got the equivalent of $11-1200 when I traded it towards a gen Breitling at an NAWCC show. Then I traded the Breitling for a gen GMT that I'm wearing at the moment, but still miss the Zeromaster and now they're much harder to find and more expensive when found... Oh well, the vagaries of the watch hobby
  8. At recent NAWCC shows in US this would go for $250-300 since the links on the bracelet are clearly plated and not solid gold. If the head is a gold shell (actual layer of gold over the steel)then add $100. But I think it is plated. In a retail environment add another $50-100.
  9. Count me in for one - I'm using a gen 16014 DJ case and gen dial with a Longines eta for a franken. tickertp
  10. The price increases have led me to only buy from other board members to reduce the risk. Also finding that I can obtain interesting gens (especially if not most popular model/style) for less than reps. So I'm experimenting more with them. My limit is in the $300-400 range, tops for a rep (though I've spent more on acouple with mods included). Frankly, I've had the most fun with some of the under $100 specials that I'll give to a client as a gift and always get a great wow. Will I pay $6-700 -- not yet. There's not much to do about the pricing asthe market is apparently supporting these l
  11. I'll agree that the type inside the case looks large. But, most important to recognize that this is a case for the 34mm DATE model, with 19mm lugs, not the more popular 35-36mm DATEJUST. So, if your wrist is small, ok. This case uses different movement holder ring than Datejust. If you like the smaller size, I'd look for a gen tt Tudor, and simply redo the dial. There are several of these offered on the Bay.
  12. In 1978, out of college, I wanted a sub, but couldn't afford it. So I bought a Tudor sub for $475. Still keep the beater.... now worth over $2k. In 1986, the itch for a 6263 hit. I bought one for $1875. For a steel watch! The AD offered me an 18k one with the chronometer movement for $5,500, which was over my limit. The 6263 is worth $25k or more.... With the markets in turmoil buy the Daytona. Look at it. Wear it. Put it away. In 10 years you will likely do MUCH better than in real estate or your average stock. The watch is really worth $10k. Not because of the materials, but because o
  13. In NY, Chi, LA wherever hedge fund operators, traders,venture caps, mutual fund managers hang out. Best more public restaurant sightings: The Ivy restaurant in LA The Palm in the Hamptons and Locke Ober in Boston for gen vintage strap calatravas and vacherons. Key is that the price of the meal = the price of a great rep!
  14. Since I can always buy an accurate timepiece for a few bucks, for me watches have to otherwise be FUN! That means bring a smile to my face! I'm irrational as hell.... My first "good" rep was a Navitimer, quartz, bought 10 years ago. Still looks great, stopwatch works perfectly and has a neat dial. I don't remember what I paid for it. But a rose-gold gen Patek that my wife got me for my birthday some years ago is perfect, too. As is my auto Daytona rep, or 1973 Omega MegaQuartz that I'm wearing at the moment. What I like about this board, and others, is seeing what gets watch guys excit
  15. Try Simichrome polish; takes out scratches but leaves brushed look if you don't rub too hard.....
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