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  1. phillycheez

    Franken Tudor Submariner 9411

    Yes, this is the watch I raffled off on WC. And damn do I miss that watch!! Congrats. It's the best Tudor Franken on the forums. It's indistinguishable. Sent from my Pixel using Tapatalk
  2. phillycheez

    Anyone rockin' IWC on sub 7" wrists?

    You might like the Mark XVI. I thoroughly enjoyed it when I owned one. But yeah.. Always wanted the ingy but it was always too big. Then they made a perfect size... http://imgur.com/qOYwYRp
  3. phillycheez

    7928 mid case and case back

    Buying the whole watch is usually a better deal.
  4. phillycheez

    7928 mid case and case back

    Sounds fair to me
  5. phillycheez

    Phong's Tudor Snowflake

    Oh I really miss that beauty! That one is long gone.... Sadly. Sold it to get that phong tudor if I remember correctly. It was one of those frankens that needed nothing to be more accurate. It was perfect.
  6. phillycheez

    Phong's Tudor Snowflake

    Oooo.. Your case looks great. I imagine it depends on who manufactured it at the time.
  7. phillycheez

    Phong's Tudor Snowflake

    Hmm.. Which one? I've owned about 3 of them. Here's one I own now... Case is unknown but it's very good. This was the phong...
  8. phillycheez

    Phong's Tudor Snowflake

    Phong Snowflake cases I've owned and see are ridiculously wokky.
  9. phillycheez

    Vintage madness is there any hope for me?

    Vintage... It's where everyone ends up if you really enjoy watches. And anyone who disagrees... You will get there. It's just a matter of time.
  10. phillycheez

    Tudor relume

    For that model I would leave it. It will kill its value if you do. But then again it is your watch and you should do as you please. If you've had it for 15 years it sounds like a keeper so as long as you're happy with it. I would personally just search for a service dial and hands so you can keep the original dial hands.
  11. phillycheez

    Are there worthy Women's Rep Watches out there?

    J12's look good to me. She loves em
  12. phillycheez

    New tactical watch

    Depending on what your uses for this watch is... If it's actually an outdoor tactical watch where you are actually active with it on I prefer quartz to be honest. While I see the "point" of using a automatic movement... I really don't see the point when using it for outdoor activities just because you can. When I go camping or biking I put on a Marathon Navigator because you never have to worry about it... Ever. Best $200 I've ever spent. It hasn't lost a second... Only time I set it is for daylight savings. Now if you're just looking for a tactical watch just for the design.. There's plenty out there to choose from.
  13. phillycheez

    Full on Franken 1655 Finished!

    Yummy. Please PM me when your finished with it...
  14. phillycheez

    Wtf Am I Doing Wrong When Bleaching Inserts?

    I used drano. Works really fast. I dunk it in and wash it off in short intervals to wash off the drano with water to check fade. Be sure not to touch the insert with your gloves when drano is on it. It will mark the spot and fade differently. Between the 8 and 12 markers is where I accidentally touched it. It was a Gen insert. I started with 30 seconds and shorten the intervals until I got the exact fade. I then cape cod it afterwards.