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  1. yup, gotta agree with Tom on this one. Love the HBB! Seen silx's new offer on the lite?! Might have to grab one of those!!
  2. :wub: man i love this watch! an absolute beaut!!
  3. love this one! this might be my next purchase how do you like it?
  4. pretty sure i have to agree with you on that one!
  5. lol i saw that same ad in a car mag a couple weeks ago!! Way to go Joe
  6. I know the area, I'm in Mission right now in good ol' Johnson County. When will you be moving here? @dluddy thanks, it's good to be back!
  7. Hey guys, I've haven't been on here in awhile and started getting the RWG itch. Just wanted to say hey to anyone who remembers me from "the old days". See you all around here.
  8. Batman Begins Equilibrium Heat Fight Club Godfather Seven Samurai Ronin There are many many many more but these are towards the top of my list
  9. As has been said already, once you wear one you will understand. IMO start out with the classic design either a 111 or a 001 or my personal fav 036. Although you can't go wrong with a 196 on carbon (just read up a bit on the 7750 movement before you pull the trigger or just get one with the 7753)
  10. I agree, I wear mine quite a bit. This is a very interesting turn of events.
  11. Now that is an absloute beauty!! I've got an asian auto I bought from Klink about 9 months ago and I really want to get a better one. Add another watch to the "must buy soon" list lol!
  12. Hell yea I was gonna put that in my list! Ferrari F430 spider Mclaren F1 Pagani Zonda F
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