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  1. How is his AR compared to the standard UPO rep AR? Has anyone got the UPO AR'd by him? If yes, some pics would be really helpful. Cheers.
  2. Hi guys, I bought an Omega 45mm UPO a while ago and while it works perfectly, i noticed the now well known flaw on the dial font. I contacted the dealer and he rightly suggested to get the dial changed locally rather than posting the watch back and forth. This would only be expensive and create unnecessary risk of customs. So the dealer kindly offered to send me the correct dial. I havent received it yet, but it will arrive soon. Now i am looking for someone in EU, best if in UK, to change the UPO dial for me and, while at it, also change the crystal to gen. I will buy the gen crystal and will send with the watch. I understand that TomHighway is the resident watchmaker in EU. I sent him a couple of emails but no response so far. I suppose either he is on holidays or too busy. So any suggestions or advice on watchmakers in EU will be appreciated. Thanks Mubeen
  3. Thanks TeeJay, that helps. I'll give them a try. I was specially interested in the low priced PAMs that look really nice for the cost. Interestingly, there are no reviews for WatchEden in the review section.
  4. Hi guys, just wanted to ask if anyone has any info or experience with PAMs from Watcheden? I was looking at this watch - http://www.watcheden.com/panerai-luminor-gmt-8-days-with18k-plated-gold-movement-gmt-independently-adjustable-i-31111-p-1.html Looks pretty decent for the money. Though how accurate the description and pics actually are, is another matter. And thats what i wanted to find out. Any help with this would be appreciated. Thanks.
  5. Nice watch buddy :-) I think it looks fine on your wrist, not too big.
  6. Is it a gen on the left (power reserve)? That look really beautiful. I'd like to know the source if its not a gen.
  7. Hey astrograph, whats up with those Indian hotties in your signature and pic Are you from India or just a Bollywood fan?
  8. Hey, thanks for the nice comments guys I tried to do justice to this beautiful watch in my pics. It really is abeautiful design, isnt it? I wasnt expecting that i would wear it all the time as i also have a PAM. But i havent worn my PAM since this UPO arrived. I wish Omega had as many models in PO range as PAM, but most of their watches look alike anyway. icqmtl, I bought it from Prowatch Polo, a collector on this site. You can contact him through PM or email.
  9. Thanks guys. Sounds like Tom Highay is the man for any service in UK. I will take note of that. For AR, i have read Chieftangs posts and reports, but as i understand, i would need to remove the crystal to send it to him. Being a total novice, i obviously cant do it, so would need help from serviceman to do the job.
  10. Hello folks, This is my second watch bought on this forum, first being a PAM i bought form a fellow member. This is my first ever Omega, and the choice was easy, Planet Ocean 45mm (UPO) I love the simplicity and beauty of this watch. Looks and feels well built and high quality. This one has Swiss ETA self winding movement and seems to be keeping accurate time. It has single AR, which works well in normal lighting condition. Only slight problem is the lume, which is nothing to write home about. It lasts few minutes after normal charge. Comparatively, my Seiko 5 Sports glows almost all night long! Overall, happy with this UPO. In fact i have been wearing this since i got it. My other two watches are not getting any time at all. I would like to get it double AR coated at some point and also re-lumed. Could you experienced guys suggest my best source for AR and general service in UK? I am new to forums and pretty much a noob when it comes to watch technology, so would appreciate any suggestions and tips And finally, a thumbs up for Prowatch Polo Top dealer. Excellent service. Here are some pics i took over weekend. Havent got a proper macro lens at present, so no closeups this time. Cheers
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