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  1. Simply WOW!!! Ordered this black sub from Andrew (Trustytime) and I am impressed by the quality. I asked him about the current subs available and he advised me to go for the V2 ZZF. It arrived within 5 days and was packed firm as always. The thing what I noticed right away was the clearity of the crystal, simply amazing. I took my Noob sub to compare and the crystal of the noob is foggy compared to this ZZF. The clasp work smooth and also the engravings are crisp. The overall finish is very good and I see no reason to go GEN nowadays anymore... great job ZZF!!!
  2. Hi there peeps! Rolex is the KING for me but WOW... the santos 100 is a must have for every watch collector IMO. The Vintage look is just awesome. Saw on Andrew (trustytime) his site GF launched the 2018 modell recently, I ordered it immediately. The watch arrived within 4 days as usual. Packaged very well and it also came with some goodies. A nice leather strap and a great Cartier branded travel bag. Both great quality. I ordered the XL version and it seemed the right choice. it wears like a classic seadweller regarding size for thos who are curious. What i do like besides the awesome r
  3. Hi guys, Eversince I got some Tudor reps I am amazed by the overall quality. Somehow it seems they are made so well compared to other reps. The newly launched black Bay gmt caught my eye and so i ordered myself a NICE Christmas present. lucky me it also arrived before the holidays. Thanx again for the fast shipping and smooth transaction Andrew! The case: The watch measures 41mm in diameter. The 316L SS case has a really good looking nice matte/satin finish to it which comes with beautifull beveled edges. The nicely decorated crown has no crown guards on this modell. The matte finish o
  4. Well only the thickness if yu are a real nitpicky Verzonden vanaf mijn iPhone met Tapatalk
  5. Hi there! Before my 2 week trip I ordered the new AP Royal Oak 26331ST. Once I came home my package was there waiting for me! As usual I ordered it from Andrew (Trustytime). Shipping took about 4 days but unfortunately i was not home. A few days ago I came back and finally I was able to open it and... WOW what a watch. I had no AP in my collection anymore and I missed the brand a bit. I noticed in Andrew his earlier posts it seemed they put allot of effort in this watch. Well... I can confirm that 100%. I took the blue version because the blue version is pretty rare in real life. Only th
  6. I believe that is correct Verzonden vanaf mijn iPhone met Tapatalk
  7. Hi Guys, Hope everybody is doing well. recently i ordered the launched (GMF factory) GMT Jubilee from Andrew. I believe it reached me within 3 days... man it goes fast nowadays! Rock solid communication as always, thanks Andrew. This bracelet is IMO the most gorgeous bracelet Rolex ever produced. I think what attracts me the most is the retro kinda look it has. The pepsi colors are also the bomb. I made some quick pics because I do not have much time between work and sleep nowadays. Hope you like it. Some specs from: ROLGMT128 -GMT Master II 126710 Jubilee 904L SS/SS Blk GMF A2836 [ROL
  8. Hi guys, Mikey back again! recently I posted some (nice) pics of the Breitling Superocean DLC Blacksteel I got from Trusty. See:***Pictorial review*** GF Factory Superocean 44 DLC BlackSteel from Trustytime Well here is the story, I bought something Blue recently and I needed a "kinda" matching watch. Since GF makes such highend Breitlings it did not took me that long to know which modell I needed. I saw the Blue Superocean being launched and Wholla... here it is. Why I needed blue.... keep watching! [emoji6] Watch arrived within 4 days and it was an easy transaction as always with An
  9. Hi guys, once the summer/ spring vibes are getting in, I tend to buy a rubber strapped watch every season. Last year I had to get the blue rubber strapped Avenger II GMT. I still have this piece above but I recently saw the new launched Superocean Blacksteel. A bit more badass looking so... here it is! The nearly 3 days shipping time nowaydays is a party! The deal was smooth as always thanks to Andrew from Trustytime. He never let me down in the last 10+ years. Thumbs up! Some specs from Trustytime: Link to watch: BSW0355 - SuperOcean 44 BlackSteel DLC/RU Blk/Stk GF Asia 2824 [bSW
  10. Lately I am growing into some others brands which not realy caught my attention in the past. Is it the age perhaps?[emoji57] A good friend of mine has a tourby Franck Muller and I started to love the modell more and more. Once I saw Trusty (Andrew) launched the Casablanca I had to order one. 3 days shipping from The far east to the netherlands WOW!... Now that's rocket fast. Regarding the communication with Andrew... also smooth and fast as always. I saw the specs and I knew it had to be a special watch. Great time to buy reps, they are getting better and better by details and quality. Bac
  11. Hi Guys, Rarely posting nowadays due to a busy private life but... still here though and still buying a watch every now and then. Kudos to Andrew for the quick deliverey and rocketfast communication as always. Recenlty I purchased the new 2017 Sea Dweller from Andrew. A previous version from another factory was launched already but i knew this BP version was on his way. Finally it's here. The Deepsea I still own but I wear the regular subs more because of the balanced look. The minute I saw this 2017 version was launched I knew I had to have one. For me this is kinda a BIG Submariner broug
  12. Hi pal. Just went out of bed to check and it's same to Gen. 24 clicks exactly and bidirectional... how cool Verzonden vanaf mijn iPhone met Tapatalk
  13. Besides the LHD Destro tudor I received this Blue boy. I really needed a summer watch so, I ordered a blue breitling GMT along with it. Again, thanks to Andrew! Great guy and truly a trusty gentleman. Package arrived within 5 days, nothing to complain here. Specs from Trusty; http://www.ttw-138.com/index.php?main_page=product_info&cPath=16_137&products_id=17054 Top Quality GF Factory New Avenger II GMT Made with a Genuine Avenger II GMT A3239011 ONLY available at Trusty Time!!! Comparison Pics of Genuine vs. Replica: https://imageshack.com/a/Sbnl/1 MOVEMENT: Nickel Plated Asi
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