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  1. One of the things that a genuine distingen, the distance is the width of the arms of the warch. It should be clear that these are the same as the distance between markers on the dial.
  2. I think the only thing that ever has for sale is TORO.
  3. Es un reloj muy bonito para el uso diario, pero se ve estático sin la manecilla del segundero. Por otro lado el precio es muy elevado para ser un reloj base(para mi es lo que es ya que es solo la reproducción de otros que ya existen.
  4. When I bought it last February at Pure Time two watches, never thought that this firm was iresponsables with customers. First, they sent me a Panerai-Tool in bad shape and when I claimed I was told that I had a gift but it was not because I had paid, I indicated that I would send one in replacement. But there was not any, one of the watches arrived damaged in result of a strong colpe suffered in transport, gave a piece of the sphere that lightning is. Initially I was asked a photograph of the damaged parts, and then send another one for that purpose alone. At this point I was told to send the watch in order to repair or replacement. Also, I was told to send it via air mail without indicating its contents and without registration and arguno value. Now, after five months, refuse to send the watch back, arguing that they have not received. Is it unfair to anyone to buy Pure Time?I think not!
  5. My big problem is finding a good watchmaker in Spain. Those that existed a year ago have disappeared.
  6. Today came the second batch.In this set are in the presence of one of the rep ever made, yet is still not free of imperfections, in this case,the lug bars are thicker than the gen.We are very near the end of the road. Bravo!
  7. Americano


    If this is a legitimate Swiss movement, I 'm Japanese.
  8. I honestly do not think so. I think it will disappear, the replicas with display cases.
  9. If we are good observers could see the swan neck screw on the N, is very short so I think it is not working. A defect to be corrected.
  10. Don't know why this watch reminds me of an old Edser.
  11. He was won to purchase a rep of PAM111H Noob Make. However, today I have some questions withoutanswers. 1 .- Weight of the three watches. 2 .- The thickness of C / U. 3 .- The Guard's measures crown. What it is today the best? 4 .- Is it so bad so the new A / R? Angus wanted, and here we have questions. Either way is a great job.
  12. I believe that to date the best rep of the PAM111 M is the Noob factory, but with the PAM005 M is it the same? Or is the rep of the H factory the best?
  13. Sure to be the best article of the year. Bravo! Angus.
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