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  1. I picked this up in January on another forum M2M from the ever helpful @Mapman57 . The watch arrived and was exactly as described - perfect - new, not a mark on it. Well, that was the problem really - I have posted this on another forum too, but would like some feedback as to what you guys think of it, as I've been a (very) long time lurker here, and can now finally get involved a bit. Anyway, the LV came with a gen service crystal with LEC, and a gen crown and tube from @Mapman57so most of the hard work was done. It certainly wasn't a cheap watch, but we had a good deal and I part exchanged a gen LN insert with Mapman57, who couldn't have possibly been any more helpful. I couldn't help but think it looked "too new" so much so, it really bothered me ! I set about "ageing" it to look like something that had been on my wrist through thick and thin for ten years. This was done with very light scratching to the clasp, bracelet, side of case and some tiny tiny ones on the insert. These scratches are hardly noticable whilst wearing on the wrist, but look a bit extreme on macro shots ! After the "ageing" I then set about sorting the sharp edges of the TC case, using a lot of careful sanding and polishing to get some even soft chamfers. A light polishing with autosol metal polish was then applied to give the watch the look of one that's been out in the wild for a while, with a couple of visits for service - well I hope it does, as that's the look I was after. The bezel was also polished to a high shine using autosol metal polish, along with the sides of the case, and the new case chamfers. The bracelet only had a very light polish with the autosol, as I didn't want to have to rebrush the grain into the bracelet I think this type of casework really transforms this TC - don't get me wrong, TC does great work but with a little bit of hard work, and careful technique, you can really soften the hard edged case. I still need to soften the bracelet, but I'm done for now.... Enjoy the pics, whether you love it or hate it :-)
  2. Best Sub to start with OOB

    TC, google TC blog. All you need to know is there.
  3. "swiss submariner ETA ?! "

    What the hell is this, and why are people bidding so high on it - am I missing something here???? http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/Submariner-Divers-Swiss-Auto-Watch-/110713392981?pt=UK_Jewelery_Watches_Watches_MensWatches_GL&hash=item19c7084f55 Cheers J
  4. I remember you were looking for a movement for your Breitling Aero0star. I found one movement and purchased it for $175 plus $20 shipping. He says he might get another one this week. This guy seams to get the only few around. They are used except they are working 100%, If you are interested, I will pursue for you...



  5. Speedmaster - is this a rep - see pice

    It's ebay uk item number 190534978891. I've reported it to ebay as it's up to £255 with a few hours to go.....
  6. Speedmaster - is this a rep - see pice

    Thanks for the reply, I thought (95% sure ) it was a rep ! cheers JJ
  7. Hi All, Found this for sale online. The seller claims it was a gift and cant find the paperwork - a common story..... I'm sure some of you omega experts will be able to tell if this is a rep immediately, but I'm guessing it is due to the fact the datewheel looks sunk. Anyone with an expert omega eye care to confirm? Cheers JJ
  8. Gen Breitling Aerospace dead ! What to do?

    Thanks for the replies guys. I'll just keep looking for a new gen movement cheers jj
  9. Gen Breitling Aerospace dead ! What to do?

    Because it costs too much to replace the movement via them and they wont repair it. That's why I'm hoping someone will have one of these movements to sell maybe? Cheers
  10. Gen Breitling Aerospace dead ! What to do?

    Hi guys, thanks for taking the time to reply...... I did get the battery changed in a small mall type jewellery store so that may have been the problem. And yes - the lcd is damaged - that's why I'm trying to find a 988 ETA movement to swap out with this dead one. Cheers J
  11. Franken Breitling SuperOcean Heritage

    Wow , thats a beauty !
  12. Hi All, I don't post much on here and have been a bit of a lurker for the last couple of years.....! Anyway, I have a pair of aerospaces, one older and one of the newer ones. The older one was left for a few months without a battery, then when I got it back out to get a new battery, the display is fecked, and the watch is dead. This is what the good one looks like: I've done a bit of research, here and on some gen forums, and it appears to be an ETA 988*** quartz movement. Right....now for the big question. Does anyone have one of these movements that they are willing to sell (or know where I can get one) ? Failing that, would it be possible to swap out the movement/dial for a swiss eta automatic movement and a gen breitling dial from something else, to make a Frankeneitling ! Anyone of the wise members got any ideas? Cheers J
  13. Hi All, Was just looking at GMTs on ebay and came across this - looks cheap to me - might be of use to someone on here. By the way, this auction has nothing to do with me, just passing on a find...... http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/Watch-Dial-Rolex-GMT-master-2-16710-Authentic-/220733472361?pt=UK_Jewellery_Watches_WatchAccessories_SpareParts_SM&hash=item3364bd7e69 cheers j
  14. Hi all, Been offered this watch but the pics aren't very clear. I've been on the boards for a few months and been reading a lot! Great knowledge on here... Anyway what are the obvious flaws on this LV. In my ignorance, it dosen't look too bad but the CGs look a bit big..... Anything else?
  15. Lv Sub On Ebay - Is It Real

    Hi all, I'm enjoying the knowledge that can be obtained from this forum and members! I saw this sub on ebay tonight and was wondering if it's the real deal...... http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/BNIB-ROLEX-SUBMARINE...1QQcmdZViewItem I'm no expert by a long way, but the guy said he bought it off ebay a while back so alarm bells! Any of the rolx experts care to have a look ! Cheers Joe