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  1. As other posters have said, I can't believe anyone would risk their eyes with rep sunglasses! I purchased two pairs of Ray Bans tonight from an AD. One pair retailed for $155 and I got them for $118. The other pair was $115 and I got them for $89. There was an online coupon which saved me another $27 and shipping was free. Why would anyone buy rep sunglasses?
  2. I bought it with the hands installed, but Ofrei should have them. I will have to check on the crystal. I have a Phong bezel that a bit nicer. The bracelet is from Yuki. It's really not correct for the watch.
  3. It makes a world of difference. This one also has Omega Flightmaster hands, an Ingod44 dial, gen crown & tube and Clark tropic plexi. A new bezel and some more case shaping is up next
  4. Once again, show us the QC pics. Only 13 posts in 6 + years and you file a Paypal dispute? I've bought at least 25 watches, some were better than other's and a few were real stinkers, but I never went the dispute route. All that does is hurt all of us. It's not good business.
  5. It's for a modern triplock tube. These are getting too expensive to risk screwing up with the incorrect tool. I can have it back to you in a couple of days. Thanks in advance for your help. Marty
  6. I don't have the correct die to repress the retaining ring. I will gladly pay for your time. Thanks. Marty
  7. I will be married four years in September, complements of eHarmony. We rarely have a bad day. Just take your time and have realistic expectations (don't settle and don't expect the first one to be the "one"). It does work
  8. Left and sitting high in the window It almost looks crooked, which is odd.
  9. Here you go. http://www.hodinkee.com/blog/2011/10/13/james-bonds-rolex-5513-for-sale-complete-with-hyper-intensif.html
  10. The dial I have pictured is up for sale.
  11. A lot has been written and said about this watch, both good and bad. I had the white dialed version ordered and cancelled it due to a bad string of QC pics. I was lucky enough to pick up this one here, still new and unworn What are my thoughts now? It's a mix of very good and not so bad. The watch itself oozes quality. I find the AR on the cyclops to act a little strangely with some interior lighting, but in full sunlight, it's perfect. The crystal is pressed level and the date mag looks spot on. The finishing on the case is excellent and the bracelet, when all of the bits are QC'd properly, is a work of art. The clasp on this example looks 100% perfect. My understanding is that the watch took a trip back to China to get a clasp this nice, which in my opinion, is unacceptable, but the clasp is great nonetheless. The dial and more specifically, the lume, has been the Achilles heal of this watch. Is the lume perfect? No, but on the wrist it looks great. The white gold markers are much more forgiving when it comes to the lume fill. You can see every little flaw on the white dial (which has black markers). You can still see some flaws in macro pics, but even in the shots I posted, it looks damn good. It also glows evenly and like a torch. Should the dial have a matte or semi-matte finish? Yes, but under the highly reflective crystal, no one will know the difference. Is the hand stack incorrect. Of course it is, but with the hands being black on the ends, they float above the dial and you can't tell where the 24 hand is in relation to the other hands, unless it's under the hour hand. My watch is supposed to have the Swiss movement, but I have not taken off the case back to inspect it. What I can tell you is that it's keeping great time, has a good power reserve, winds smoothly and the 24 hour hand tracks dead on. Will it blow up in a month? Your guess is as good as mine. Would I recommend this watch? Definitely. All reps have flaws, but if you get a good example of this watch, it will be a keeper. Could you do some mods and make it slightly better? Probably, but I will be enjoying mine the way it is. Thanks for taking the time to read my review ... Marty
  12. You will need a date wheel overlay for any eta based movement.
  13. Just walk down 5th Avenue towards Central Park. You will find all of the watch shops (except for the Panerai boutique), which is on 545 Madison Ave.
  14. It's 26 mm and made for a Rolex 1570 movement. I cut the dial feet off and glued the spacer ring to the movement and then the dial to the spacer. It's easy when you don't had to mess with the date alignment
  15. It's almost too smooth. I'm not wild about the color either. What you see in the pic is not accurate. It's more orange. I will probably have the dial and hands relumed to match.
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