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  1. I need some help trying to find new links for my broken Nabucco carbon fiber strap, any help will be greatly appreciated. thanks Freeflow
  2. Not been her for a while, is the other RWG forum still up and running or has it gone to the wall.
  3. no its a gen.
  4. For weeks, no, years i have been looking around the rep forums for a supplier of gen croc leather strap without having to pay the extortionate (£450 ish) gen cost. Boys i have found the man!!!! Didymo Straps http://www.didymostraps.com/ the quality is amazing (see Pics). Only one down side---this man is extremely busy, i placed my order at the begin of December, i didn’t hear anything for a while and thought it was because of xmas, i thought i had been scammed and my 89euros were gone!!! He finally replied after i accused him of been a scammer (don’t think he liked that) but it got his attention. It all turns out that he started a new high level job in Spain and he made straps as a hobby. Anyway, i received the strap well packaged with tracking on the 19/2 about 6 weeks later. I have to say the quality is amazing gen croc well stitched as you can see form the pics. If you want a quality strap and can wait for a good result, didymoStrapS is the place to go. My Emergency is now fit for the dance floor!!!
  5. http://www.urwerk.com/watches_210.php
  6. http://www.streetfire.net/video/f1-1998-spa-big-crash_645716.htm
  7. Whats happened to the other RWG Forum #2. Not been able to access the site for days. Is it me or does anyone else have the same prob. Thanks F/F
  8. Thats brilliant news, puts my fears to rest. Sixx if you see this, we wish you all the best big man, hope it here from you soon!!! F/F +1 whatever123
  9. Sixx last RWG activity was on 23/3, i have never know him to be so quiet, hope he is ok. I'm fearing the worst, hope i'm wrong. Come in Sixx you're missed here by all. F/F
  10. who cares what watch he's wearing!!!!!!!!!!!!
  11. which dealer did supply them, any faults with them???? F/F
  12. Has anyone had contact with Sixx, i PM'd him a few weeks ago but no reply, hope he is ok. I know he was having a bit of a rough time. F/F