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  1. Dear groupmembers, Can anybody recommend a TD with the best Richard mille RM35-01/RM35-02 models? thank you
  2. Hi Guys, Any idea if the new royal oak ceramic perpetual calendar willl be released somewhere soon?
  3. Anyone selling his AP Bumblebee, please sent me a PM thank you jeroen
  4. Tried them bought at MBK bangkok last week. Definitely the Bumblebee! Killerwatch.
  5. Received a message in the Puretme newsletter a couple of weeks ago that a AP Bumblebee Carbon version finally will be coming. I think a lot of people arewaiting for this model a long long time. Anybody got some more info about this piece?
  6. Hello Guys, Im heading to thailand in a couple of months and want to buy some good quality reps from MBK Can anybody tell me which store is good. And what did you bought for which price? Let me know Finalisation
  7. Hello guys, After the perfect clones of the Forged carbon divers i was wondering if its possible in the neary future that they can make a forged carbon Bumblebee. I think their are more people interested.
  8. Water resistant yes. Want to know if i can swim with it.
  9. Does anybody tried or know if the AP diver is waterproof?
  10. Guys, Im looking for a good rep of the gmt master 2. before i buy a real one. Can anybody help me from which dealer i can get it the best?
  11. Hello Guys, Í've been thinking about buyin an AP diver for quiet some time. I dont have very big wrists. Can anybody tell me for what kind of wrist this watch is oke?
  12. No black themes With the black datewheel and round pushers as the new rose gold theme
  13. Hello guys, Does anybody knows if our trusted dealers also sell this model: I can only find the rose gold edition.
  14. from which trusted dealer did you buy this?
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