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  1. Happy Birthday momo650!

  2. Love that strap!! Where did you get it?
  3. Happy Birthday momo650!

  4. Happy Birthday momo650!

  5. LOL...I will try to remain patient but as you know all too well when you can see the light at the end of the tunnel on a lenghty project it's almost impossible to sit still! Can you clarify for me the difference between an MX vs. Pre V buckle..... is it the shape??
  6. Correct PeteM, I'm trying to get as close as possible to the PreV PVD Logo swen in, however was hoping someone out there was Repping them. I found a few Gen's available, but am hoping to seriously avoid that type of investment. I read somewhere that RF no longer offers this buckle, but I did PM him anyways to see.
  7. Good day fellow members. I've been searching hi and low for the above mentioned buckle to no avail. Would anyone have a source they could share with me? Thank you in advance.
  8. Thanks so much! All I need to do now is get in touch with Jakob!! :-)
  9. Thanks PeteM. For the sake of historical accuracy, what are a few other case back serial numbers (other than the one used on your 202A) would you recommand for my 202A non matching build??
  10. HI PeterM, Great looking piece...I love non matching sooo much! I do have a question regarding the proper case back serial # for Non matching 202A. Is there a certain range of serial # that are applicable only to 202A Non matching? You mention that the discolouration happened on the first few watches. Any insight would be appreciated. Thanks!
  11. Hi Denisegold, Want do you mean Vac has one? Does Vac have a 202A from DNS? Thansk.
  12. Thank you all for your advice. Stay tuned as I've placed the order with DSN, have made arrangements with The Zig to mod this baby up and am placing an order with GSD for a complimentary strap. I will post pictures once it's all done.
  13. I hope someone can help me out. I've been trying to change my "member's title" on my profile but have had no luck. Can someone please help? Thank you in advance.
  14. Here's my 322 next to my 217. A really lovely piece the 322 and should give it more wrist time that it getting. http://s1116.photobucket.com/albums/k574/barjo650/?action=view&current=IMG_0874.jpg
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