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  1. Confusingly, no. TC are not Tiger Concepts. TC was a watch sold by a person whose initials were TC, and he had the unique position of saying that people who got a watch from him weren't customers, they were like-minded watch fans, that he was really only pursuing figuring out how to build the very best watch that he could, which is why people liked them and they continue to appreciate in value. They're harder to find now that he's stopped doing it.
  2. Note there are two firms representing one side. No telling yet if the defendant retains two as well. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  3. Does anyone remember the Filenames? I could look through backups. Sent from my mobile device
  4. Love that dial. Well done! Sent from my mobile device
  5. Happy Birthday vmarks!

  6. I made the good decision months ago of buying a dial from whoopy12. The whole experience was good: communication? prompt, answered every question, and really gave me the attention I needed to feel good about purchasing. Shipping? Fast. Service? A real winner. The dial I received at first had some marks on it. Whoop took it back and exchanged it immediately with a dial that is perfection. It's nice when everything goes smoothly, but the mark of an amazing seller is how you recover when there's a question. Whoopy12 is a true gentleman, and I'm pleased to have bought from him. TLDR; would do again, whoopy12 is good people.
  7. The thing I would worry about is height of the different movements. The 3035 and 5035 shared designs and heritage, but I don't know if the height / stem height is different. There were OQ case watches that used a 1570 inside: The 1630 as you mentioned. http://forums.watchuseek.com/f29/fs-rolex-1630-datejust-oysterquartz-case-1040559.html I see what you mean about the chapter ring, there. The way that ring dips down makes me think that the 1570 is way thinner than the 5035, and the ring takes up the difference in height. It moves the movement away from the crystal so the stem lines up. Do you already have the 3035? Do you already have the OQ case? Or is this information gathering before you sink money in the parts?
  8. vmarks

    My 1016'd 1601

    Well done, DVNE. Well done. Sent from my mobile device
  9. vmarks

    My 1016'd 1601

    I so want someone to clone the stilty ring. With shapeways and thingiverse we just need someone to draw it and then we can print all we need. Sent from my mobile device
  10. TLDR; good communication, good person. Having misiekeped work on some projects has been a really good experience. He kept an eye out and contacted me to let me know when Yuki had movements in stock. He sent photos of projects mid-assembly and on the timegrapher. He answered questions many times during his work, and sent updates about how a movement was settling in after a new mainspring. He'll tell you it will take two to three weeks to finish a project based on his current workload (NOTE: this could change, that's just what he said at the time) and then he beats expectations and finishes early. On top of all this, he's very reasonable on price. If you have a project, PM him.
  11. I'd like the Datejust or Milgauss / Explorer. The Sub Story was good reading.
  12. That's very nice. Very, very nice. Sent from my mobile device
  13. I'm excited about the gen winding bridge. That sounds very nice. Sent from my mobile device
  14. Late as ever, but M is an inspiration and his build threads are an excellent place to start an education. Thank you! Sent from my mobile device
  15. Happy Birthday vmarks!

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