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  1. www.86sellwatches.net

    Anyone ever heard of him or bought a watch? Found him in the link section but can not find anything about him: http://www.rwg.cc/links/category/3-dealer-websites/ Thanks guys!
  2. Omega Railmaster thin numerals

    Today Tony told me that the factory will make the 2006 version again as it was very successful. As I do not need the watch immediately I will wait some month and see what happens. My other thought is buying a gen as you can get them new around 1500 £ and I dont want to spend like 1/5 of the gen price for a rep. Than I rather buy a gen and sell it again in some years. But please pm me a price cougar1, maybe I am interested. Thanks guys!
  3. Omega Railmaster thin numerals

    Tony can not source it for me... Any other ideas? Thanks!
  4. Omega Railmaster thin numerals

    cheers man, will contact him now and see what he can do for me. Have a nice day!
  5. Hey guys, i am looking for the thin numeral version of the Omega Railmaster. Already asked Andrew and Angus to source it for me but both said the could not get it. Anyone got one or has an idea where i might get one? Cheers guys
  6. Where can i get the version with the thinner numerals? Anyone got a link for me?
  7. The perfect Watchmaker in EU

    Who's that? Domi just told me he is not doing AR Coating at the moment anymore... Is there an alternativ guy who does AR? Cheers
  8. Sorry but my Carrera is at the watchmakers office to get modded at the moment. Will tell you when i got it back if you still need the measure then. Cheers
  9. yep, "The member LHOOQ cannot receive any new messages"
  10. Wow that was a fast reply! thanks!
  11. Hi guys, just spoted this picture in the Lazy Sunday Wristies Topic. Does someone know where I can get that bracelet from? I tried to ask LHOOQ but I am not able to send him pm's. Thank you guys Cheers