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  1. Xding

    Diver strap or bracelet

    Thx for the tip THXuk! but where to get a gen strap?
  2. Guys, I am about to pull the trigger on the Noob version diver. But can't decide to go with the strap or the ss bracelet. Any suggestions? thnx!
  3. Xding

    Incoming goodies :)

    C, i think you should put 1x IWC 3789 Top Gun dial and hands-set.
  4. Hi guys, Need your advice. I have a concepta top gun with gen movement for about 3 months. The crown does not screw down smoothly. But today it can not screw down at all. It is like the screw which is supposed to hold the crown has worn out. You push the crown and screw it down, the crown just bumps out again. The movement is running though. Can anybody tell me what is wrong and is it an easy fix without touch the movement? Thank you very much!
  5. Xding

    No more Portus!

    nooooooo, very sad
  6. Nooooooooo. I don't mind waiting...
  7. Xding

    Where to source a gen Seiko skx031

    i am sure Harold will satisfy you He even has some moded 031
  8. Xding

    Where to source a gen Seiko skx031

    This is my recent purchase from him
  9. Xding

    Where to source a gen Seiko skx031

    Try yobokies@yahoo.com.hk He has some amazing stuff original and mods. He might be able to help you source it. But he is in HK.
  10. Xding

    Where to source a gen Seiko skx031

    Also available on Amazon I think
  11. Xding

    Seiko mods

    @Ronin,indeed he makes quite some stunning stuff. I am looking forward to your suggestion
  12. Xding

    Seiko mods

    I came across this site by chance. the guy is making some very interesting modded Seiko diver watch. I am thinking make a purchase. but which one shall i choose? any suggestions? i am thinking the 5th or the 6th with a nato strap. Seiko mods
  13. Xding

    IWC 3717 concepta Genenstein .....

    thumb up for Concepta
  14. Xding

    Modding Milgauss GV

    Hi guys, I am new to the Rolex area. I got a Milgauss GV. I love it a lot. I am wondering whether there is any mod i can do to make it even nicer. Your opinion is highly appreciated. Is there any way to get gen dial and hands? cheers