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  1. brain fade, I meant DW As far as I can see, they're the same case. I think others have discovered this to be true.
  2. The pushers are incidental although if you're using a DSN case, you need to shorten the shanks. You also have to muck with the case clamps quite a bit, DSN does not have gen like mounting. The movement you're looking at has a screw and spring type mounting system that is not drilled through the main plate. In order to mount in a DSN case you need to either drill and tap the main plate or fabricate very thin L shaped clamps and then slightly mill the case back to fit.
  3. you need a dial side pic too, as the VJ72 also has it's variants. looks like a 72 from this pic.
  4. I have one that I bought on ebay loooong ago. I think it's an old DW.
  5. Damn, wish I knew. I just ordered a crown set from you, and the day and date from a supply house.
  6. $4K is not the cheapest PAM, even if you don't count Ferraris
  7. although there are a couple of plastic components in the 7750 (Swiss and Asian) that don't get a L&R bath.
  8. For Croc, try Mario at Orloff straps. For great leather try Peter Gunny.
  9. You can't print white on a typical printer for waterside, you need an Alps or similar with white ink. No legitimate dial refinishers that I know of will change a dial to make it a different model. They get asked all the time and sometimes have a statement about it on their site.
  10. anyone have a cross reference between the Miyota and the DG part nos?
  11. The auto bridge screws are available from Cousins and Jules Borel. That screw should be recessed. As an aside, I replaced one with a DG screw before which was a perfect fit.
  12. Yes, you are correct. I never fully understood what happened with the old site.
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