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  1. Depends where you live. If he ships it USPS Priority and you live CONUS, then expect 7-10 business days at most.
  2. Have you considered a Concepta's gen parts used to build a 3717? I saw a gen at the Dubai airport, but sadly it was $5k. Concepta uses gen parts to build his 3717 and it is around $2k. Not sure how far you want to go with the watch.
  3. I thought you were having issues with a DSN watch. I am ordering the 063C. It is a nice looking GMT Pam. I hope to give it some serious wristtime.
  4. Sent him an e-mail as well. Actually considered getting the gen on eBay, but DSN came through and repped it! =)
  5. I was wondering the same thing about replacing the bezel on my rep from Thailand with the bulbous pearl to one that is more recessed. Any recommendations on good bezels to replace the 45mm reps with a better more flush pearl?
  6. It is hard to imagine that since most of the watches are not hand made anymore, then where all of the extra money goes for the gens. They either dress up an ETA or make an in-house copy of something similar and ask 10-20x what the reps cost after the profit the TD makes. Rolex has 2 buildings in Dubai (side by side) along the creek and it made me wonder how much they really profit from all the advertising of major sporting events around the world.
  7. At least they are being honest, but have you tried Puretimewatch.com? I noticed that Angus is trying to liquidate their BR02 chronos. I think the back plate (1000M) doesn't match up with the 500m rating on the watch face.
  8. A LCC in SEA is AirAsia, try Kayak.com and other sites. They may pull up some really cheap fares. Have fun!
  9. Apple is sitting on $100 billion in cash so I think it is simple. Pay someone $17 a day or pay someone $7 an hour with benefits in the U.S. I would rather pay $17 a day to get the job done. Plus labor laws in U.S. would make the company pay overtime for anything worked over 40 hours per week. All of the government regulations make it difficult for companies to find the value proposition in keeping jobs in the U.S. We are a slowing economy and U.S. companies are looking abroad for growth opportunities and investments. Imagine getting all the Chinese consumers to pay with a credit card and
  10. Does that one have the blue dial and the A7753 movment? If so, then that is a beautiful watch. I am just waiting on Angus/Puretime to release it.
  11. Hopefully it has the 2500D and not the 2500C. I like the new ones with the 8500 cal with see through caseback. Not sure how which one would last longer underwater at extreme depths, but pretty sure the metal caseback would hold up better. Always loved the PO, but never pulled the trigger on a gen. I would really love to find someone that could build me a franken.
  12. I just ordered one of these in orange from Puretime and waiting on QC pics. I bought a quartz version in Thailand and it is reliable, but the ticking second hands of a quartz watch is a huge tell. I enjoy the smooth sweep on the second hand subdial. Hopefully won't run into any issues with the A7750. Puretime also offers a servicing of the watch before purchase, but haven't seen any reviews of anyone actually buying it. I will just use the watch until it is time to send it to a TD repair person in the U.S. and also might get better lume and waterproofing. Any updates regarding the said
  13. I ordered 4 watches from Puretime and have received QC pics on 3 of the 4 and waiting on the 4th due to waiting on communication from the maker. Nikki answered my questions before purchase using live chat. Doris sent me the QC pics and addressed my concerns and I have yet to correspond with Angus. Hopefully if everything goes off without a hitch, then I won't have to contact him. I have had to wait a few days for the QC pics, but it is probably due to having to locate them. It is the same if you are buying a gen watch. I was contemplating purchasing a gen Omega POC 9300 cal from an AD in
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