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  1. yoji112

    Show me your 002 Please...

    I mean if I were to build one, what should I do? Where can I get reference...
  2. yoji112

    Show me your 002 Please...

    I am no pam expert, but my question would be, what should everything be like? 1. dial 2. CG
  3. Can't seem to find some pics of it.... Can you please show me yours...
  4. yoji112

    Tudor 94010

    Thanks guys for the compliments... Yuki parts: Case Crown Dial Bezel insert and pearl Springbars Ebay: Movement hands T19 Service Crystal Cost me around $1k++ including assembly...
  5. yoji112

    Tudor 94010

    It's a Yuki case...
  6. yoji112

    What really is the size of gen spring bars?

    Thanks, how about the total width/length? I think it's more than 20mm since lugs are 20mm...
  7. I'm really confused... Can someone please tell me the dimensions of a gen old style springbars?
  8. yoji112

    Tudor 94010

    Here's my build... a bit costly but well worth it... needs to be water proofed though... What are your thoughts? Any suggestions? Thanks...
  9. yoji112

    Rolex 93150 Bracelet

    Sorry to divert from the OP but who/where can I buy a rep 93150 bracelet?
  10. Hello Guys, I'm building a Tudor 94010, going with the Yuki case regardless of the rehaut issue... Anyway, I would like to know what other movement can I use other than the 2824? I'm looking for decorated movements but it's hard to find a 2824 one, so I would like widen my search parameters, and look for other decorated ETA's... Thanks...