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  1. Happy Birthday rriicckk!

  2. Not an expert or even sure if there are Gen quartz ones around but these three on ebay Aus look questionable, and are going for top $. 1.) Tag Heuer Tiger Woods Link chronograph automatic Item number: 170112659159 Current bid: AU $710.00 End time: 2 hours 12 mins History: 11 bids 2.)Men's Tag Heuer Watch "Yoshikatsu Kawaguchi" June 2002 Item number: 280116570514 Current bid: AU $500.00 Place Bid > End time: 21 hours 39 mins History: 15 bids 3.)Tag Heuer mens watch Item number: 270122837653 Current bid: AU $207.50 Place Bid > End time: 01-Jun-07 11:32:02 History: 6 bids
  3. Welcome John, Check out the dealer section and read up. All the answers to your questions are within and it is fantastic fun doing your own research. rriicckk
  4. A rep as good as this and you are complaining? Spend 3k to 4k if you you want but boy, I love it.
  5. Hi, Been checking out this site since finding it in November, and can only say thanks to all for the information I have gleaned from you guys so far. Regards, rriicckk
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