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  1. Since I first started collecting reps many moons ago, I have lusted after this watch but have yet to find it from any of the reputable dealers. All of the scam sites list it but I won't buy from them. Can someone please help me source this watch? I have reached out to Joshua and Andrew to see if they can get it for me. Haven't bought any new pieces or been on the board for awhile, so don't light me up for missing something obvious. Thanks in advance for any help.
  2. Haven't posted in awhile, but I'm still enjoying my beauties.
  3. Have an older orange PO from Silix with ETA movement that recently crapped after a couple years of reliable service. Sent it back for repair. Got it back and wore it for a couple weeks and it stopped one morning at 10:45 a.m. A little while later, it had started back up by itself. Two days later, it stopped again at 10:45 a.m. oddly enough. Started playing with it later that day, shook it a bit and it started back up for about 15 minutes. Stopped again and won't rescuscitate. It is fully wound so don't ask the obvious question. Opened the caseback just to make sure there wasn't a dead squirrel in the gears. Thought about giving it a squirt of WD-40. (Kidding) Any ideas on an easy fix?
  4. Been out of the loop for awhile and was looking for King's site. Searched the board but didn't find any recent threads. Forgive my not keeping up with things recently. Any info would be appreciated.
  5. I'm wearing the DRSD on the left today, but I think both of these will be dominating the rotation this week. My newest acquisitions ...
  6. I thought about doing that, but I would have had to buy extra links ...
  7. Anybody have a good online source for these. I got a couple of the Vintage NOS lume dots from the guy on ebay and they're very nice, but they don't appear to be the correct ones for modern subs. Looking for a good aftermarket source. Appreciate any help. Thanks, Paul
  8. Just wanted to share the newest additions to the family - a DRSD from Mrs. King partially modded by yours truly (my first dial relume) and an SD from maxmsu, which I just received Friday. It's funny how RWG influences your preferences. When I first got into reps and found RWG, I had no desire to own a sub. Just didn't think it was a very attractive watch. Now I have seven!!! You guys are killing me!!! lol Enjoy.
  9. Thanks. Wish I had seen that thread before I stood on that thing. Now, what used to me one of my nicest-clicking bezels is bent and barely turns at all. Argghh.
  10. I'm not hip enough to post an mp3. I'm old school, man. I'm playing blues music that was recorded 50 years ago. And the only thing I shred are my bank statements.
  11. It's a 63 Band Master that I completely restored and built a cabinet for to Fender specs. Put 2 Jensen vintage 40-watt 12s in it. It kicks ass, man. That genuine old honkin' bluesy tone with no pedals required. I use a Fender spring reverb unit with it because the amp itself has none. Rock on!
  12. OK, this is kind of twisted. As long as I can remember, I have removed all my jewelry during sex, but now I'm kind of enjoying looking at one of my favorite reps while I'm taking care of business. Have I completely lost it? Gentlemen, your thoughts ... :cc_confused:
  13. Not sure how this happened, but I recently acquired a taste for the Sea Dweller. (Hanging around you guys too much, I suspect.) Anyway, here are a couple of recent acquisitions for your visual enjoyment. On the left is a DRSD from Mrs. King modded by yours truly. Still awaiting a better bezel insert, although you'll notice the vintage NOS pearl. You may also notice this watch came with a silver datewheel. Relumed the dial (my first), rounded and polished all edges and carved the CGs to look like the skinny ones I've seen on some of the older DRSDs. Considering taking the plunge on a gen superdome and still have to drill the lug holes to 2mm. On the right is a very sweet modern SD from maxmsu, which I just received yesterday. It's funny how RWG influences your preferences. When I first got into reps and found RWG, I had no desire to own a sub. Just didn't think it was a very attractive watch. Now I have seven!!! You guys are killing me!!! lol
  14. Found some nice NOS vintage pearls recently on ebay, but I'm looking for a source for the modern inserts. Any suggestions? Thanks, BP
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