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  1. frankt

    Anyone been ripped off by Adeoos?

    Kevin passed on last month...may he rest in peace...
  2. Happy Birthday frankt!

  3. In reality, you have two chances of actually getting a real new Swiss movement in a replica.... Slim, and none whatsoever....And "Slim" left town last Tuesday..!! But from the folks that only "stretch the truth" a bit....Avoid the outright liars like the plague..!!!
  4. frankt

    Carpe Diem - our friend Cats

    I just jumped over here after a while away, to see this...May he resit in the peace he so truly deserves...Carpe Diem....Indeed..!!
  5. frankt

    Just wow...

    You sly devil, you!!
  6. frankt

    $800,000 watch tells perfect time

    So does my $49. phone!!
  7. frankt

    Looking for some advice please.

    Or.....you could just set it, and put it on your wrist...of is that just too crazy....???
  8. frankt

    ETA or not .. how to figure out?

    The level of believablity of an ETA movement claim is on a par with the Words "Swiss Made" on the dial...
  9. frankt

    Swiss movement

    Do's and don'ts: Do buy Asian Don't be scammed into believing you aren't...nuff said..!!
  10. Happy Birthday frankt!

  11. frankt

    Pam 090 pvd update

    OK.....Here's one I once owned!! The beanie baby was much more valuable than the watch at one time, being one of the original issued "Magenta" bears...
  12. frankt

    What Do You Say When People Quiz You?

    Once while wearing a Panerai someone noticed it and said: "I've eaten there, but I didn't know they sold watches"....
  13. Those of you who have, like me, actually engaged in a real war, know that the first casualty of any war is always "the truth" , and the winners get to write the history books... If i believed in a deity, I would be praying to her to stop this bulls**t right Flukkin NOW!! Wars create two distinct after effects....Misery and wealth.....And one only gets to experience one of them....Guess which one WE are slated for...???
  14. frankt

    Tudor Black Bay Blue?

    In my "next life" I'm going to be a watch designer....And get rich introducing such earth shaking ideas like: "change the insert color"...Or "make it 3mm smaller"(or larger...!!!!)
  15. frankt

    Suspicious PO on ebay

    If you buy a PO on Ebay from a stranger, you'll get exactly what you deserve...