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  1. If those old 6694 hands are gold, i'd be interested in them if you wanted to get rid of them.
  2. Curious if you have actual Air-King hands or regular stick hands.
  3. Great work! I'm in love with that dial!
  4. Suppose you could keep the Cartel hands if you wanted. TC hands are the best. Clarks hands are a reasonable compromise. The only downfall being seconds hand. What I would do is use the Clark hour and minute hands and the Cartel seconds hand.
  5. The HR 5513 dial is in my opinion a better option than the Yuki dial. It's cheaper, has eta dial feet, and the fonts look better to my eye, especially the S in Submariner which has always been a flaw in Yuki's Rolex and Tudor Submariner dials.
  6. A 2472 or something similar should fit the bill.
  7. Different stem heights. A 2783 would work though.
  8. If you look close at the examples of these he has on his site, the date windows seem to be in the ETA datewheel position. So, if you were to buy one of these and wanted to replace with a rolex movement you'll need a new dial. Note the "13" looks more eta than rolex to me...
  9. I'd go with the Air-King, it has an automatic movement. That seals the deal for me anyway...
  10. 45 bucks? Go with the HR dial, it's miles ahead of the one you've shown us.
  11. Fonts look way off to me.
  12. monkeypunch


    Hands seem to be the toughest part about these Air-King builds. I looked high and low for a set of hands for my 5506 franken and had to settle for a pair of dauphine style hands: Not perfect, but they look the part for an older Air-King.
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