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  1. It does there's already a rep out for the aqua terra haven't saw any reviews yet but back of watch rotor looks cool as the rotor is cut out to resemble the rifling of the gun barrel
  2. Nice I have a soft spot for these looks great mate!!
  3. It'll make them look silly I'm sure! Loved doing that with my old carb cooper - but the big boys would catch you up on the straights - you got a giant killer in the right hands though.
  4. Bolle do good polarised lenses I've used them for fishing work great so good test of polarized lenses
  5. Enjoy mate it's a beast. I'd got the eibachs pro kit too but opted for the bilstiens as the konis I had on rattled on the top rear suspension bolt and drove me nuts - apparently the koni shocker eyelet is a ball hair too big in diameter. It's great when you take the [censored] out of big cars - love it too
  6. Phoenix straps on ebay supply uk MOD with NATO's
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